July 15, 2011

Strip Clubs | Double Standards?

Way back in January I wrote an answer to a question that someone sent me regarding my husband and strip clubs. And it seems the subject is still high on the list for some people.

I was reading a piece in the recent edition of Men's Health (yes, I read it too ... just as long as they keep putting in all those pics of topless hunky guys, I will keep reading it.) and there was a question from a guy whose wife had secretly been to a strip club with the girls.

Hmm...double standard?

That said, I can understand his concern. You see, strip clubs for women are remarkably different than strip clubs for men. While the premise - someone getting naked - is the same, from my own experience I have learned that the men prefer to have a much darker, seedier, private setting than women. Women tend to go crazy when the guys take to the stage, and it all goes downhill from there. Women tend to get incredibly wound up. The atmosphere is charged higher than a trendy nightclub, and you just know someone, at some point, is getting groped.

One time a male stripper had picked up my chair, had my ankles over his shoulder and was dancing around with me. Another one had his ... um ... business right in my face. Not that I'm complaining, but you get the picture. Contact is a likely event.

Men, from what I have seen in the few times I have been to "gentlemen's clubs," tend to slink into their chairs, afraid to look any of the other guests in the eyes. There's no touching (apparently). Rumours swirl around what goes on in the VIP, or private, rooms to contradict that rule. But in the main area, the tension can be cut with a knife. I rather enjoy the slightly sadistic element of how awkward it gets when I "invade" this traditionally men-only audience. They're never quite sure how to deal with a woman who is there for a couple drinks, but not to dance. It's like catching a teenager with a Playboy.

But to the issue at hand - the guy writing was concerned because his wife had done this on the sly.

What I see as a bigger issue is that people fail to communicate in their marriage. Only knowing the superficial details, it seems there isn't a lot of trust there. Why wouldn't she share the details? I doubt it is because of the naked guys. But it might be issues of jealousy surrounding her being in the company of naked guys.

Me? I like naked guys, and I like being in the company of naked guys. Fortunately my hubby also likes the idea of me being in the company of naked guys. And I don't have issues with him enjoying naked women.

Is it all that different for women to enjoy the same kind of adult entertainment? Why should it be different?

So, I remain confused over what the big deal is with adult entertainment. I mean outside of the organized crime, drugs, exploitation and prostitution, there's nothing (in my opinion) seemingly wrong with strip clubs. Where I live they are a dying breed of business. Many have shut down, mostly because of the organized crime, drugs, exploitation and prostitution. But the lack of strip clubs doesn't prevent the organized crime, drugs, exploitation and prostitution. It just forces them to find alternatives.

All it really does is limit the options of seeing naked people.

Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish that men's strip clubs were more like women's they look a lot more fun!

Definitely a lot more tension in the men's clubs (and not the good kind of sexual tension).

Andee said...

They are a lot more fun ... but I don't think the world is ready for the guys to behave nearly as wildly as the women do ;-)