January 31, 2011

Strip Clubs | Does My Man Go?

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. We've had a perfect winter day, sunshine and not too cold, so that was a nice change. The sunshine is very therapeutic! Sadly the weather people are calling for "Snowmagedon 2011" tomorrow and Wednesday.

This was something that has been talked about quite a few times, and came up again not that long ago with some of my female coworkers. Apparently she was stunned when her boyfriend went to a club; to the point where she is ready to dump him.

Do you let your man go to strip clubs? Do you ever go with him? And how do you feel about lap dances?

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Yes. I have no problem with my husband going to strip clubs. I’m usually the one who benefits the most ;-) I’ve never quite understood why other women have such a big problem with them. I suspect that maybe they think that they are no longer attractive enough to keep his interest? I’m not the jealous type. I don’t have time for it. You either trust me or you don’t.  

And actually, my husband is more of the one not to go than me. I used to go with my girlfriends all the time…why not? It’s just a show. For some reason, he’s never been a big fan of them. I’ve had never asked why, but it’s just not something that he’s into. So, when I sat down to answer this I asked. He said he is too cheap to pay for beer that expensive… Then he said he finds it a bit uncomfortable watching a girl do that on stage. He’d rather sit and talk and learn something about her. (Hmm, conversation…interesting concept).

The last time he went to one, I was with him. And now he wants to go again…I have to admit, it was a bit unnerving at first, having never been into one where just girls dance. But, I found it a lot more interesting and exciting than the male revues. I was completely shocked because my whole impression of what it would be like was nothing close to the truth. The girls weren’t these big breasted barbies…and actually some of them were kinda scary

I was also surprised at the number of women there were in the audience. It was quite the happening place. A little plug – Roxxanne's in Waterloo, ON. Tell them Andee sent you!

But, I did find it very exciting. One dancer kept watching me very closely while she was doing her routine on a little side stage. I admit I found it to be quite the turn on.  

I don’t have any issue with lap dances either. One of these days I might just get one ;-)

I think the whole experience can be quite erotic if it is performed properly. I admit that I do enjoy watching the control we have over guys that way…teasing and taunting with naughty dances while you poor things can’t touch. And why you guys would pay so much for one of those is beyond me. Anyone who says these girls are being exploited needs to get a better understanding of economics.  


Bella said...

I have never been but its something I want to do with Mr.Man. I think I would find it hot. And I agree about the power; I've always thought it was the women exploiting the patrons. Girl power and all that jazz.

Andee said...

It can be a very erotic experience ... and quite playful too. But i think there's a bit of 'exploitation' on both sides - but even then, it's all consensual.