June 25, 2011

The Word To Bring Down A Man

I’m starting to think that the Cosmo girls are bitter bitches with way too much of a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw complex. It seems that for every little wrong that some famous, or now infamous, guy does they are there ready to burn him, and the whole act of what he did, at the stake.

Take, for example, this political Weiner dog in the United States. I don’t condone his actions, but mostly for reasons that may not sit well with the Cosmo girls.

I don’t like what he did because he hid these things from his wife.
That isn’t to say I condone his actions. Given his public profession, it wasn’t very smart of him to take photos of his manhood and then send them out to some online friend. Goodness, did none of these guys learn anything from Bill Clinton? Now then, the twist in all of this is that his lack of communication and connection with his (pregnant) wife underscores deeper issues in the relationship. When you begin to hide these kind of sexual secrets from your spouse, you go down a very precarious path.

I’ve been known on occasion or two to challenge societal mores by engaging in naughty chats, e-mails and such … heck, I have over 20,000 naughty photos online. I do that because of the thrill, excitement and ego-boost that it brings to me and the spice to my marriage. But I am not saying that married guys should be sending photos of their junk to every online floozy that logs in, just that the actions that lead men and women into these situations are a little more complicated than a Cosmo column.

I don’t like what he did because he fell for the ‘trap’ of a younger woman.
The people at Cosmo also added a great little piece on “The Word That Make Him Cheat.” Hmm, so if I say this word I can get guys running every which way? Somehow I doubt that guys are that fickle. But then, I have been surprised by some of you before.

Apparently the big Weiner fell for that most-potent word: “Hot!” Not as in: “Gee, it was hot outside today.” No, he fell right into the trap when some young thing stroked his Facebook with the “H” word referring to a speech he had recently given.

So dangerous is this word that it apparently is the same one that brought down John Edwards.

According to the expert cited by the bitter bitches, men crave to have their insecure bedroom ego stroked more than playful poodle begging for a belly rub. In surveys, apparently you guys have said that you want to hear the same things that really “H” women do on a regular basis. Another source explained a more logical reason for these examples - both of these men are extremely narcissistic and rocking the panties off some college girl from Texas fuelled that ego.

By the way, I think it’s HOT when you buy a membership to my website

Fortunately in Canada we are able to prevent political downfall because the only time the “H” word should be used with our oft-unattractive politicians is when someone calls for more logs to be thrown on the fire because the flames around the stake are not “H” enough.

Oh, don’t judge me … have you seen the men on our money?

I don’t like what he did because he cried about it when he got caught – and did not come across as even close to sincere.
I’m actually not one to follow politics, or even political scandals. But when I see a guy in front of the cameras bubbling like a 6-year-old in the park I am more likely to wonder who the heck pulled one of his nose hairs out. I don’t buy it…if you’re man enough to IM photos of your Oscar Meyer, then you better be man enough to get grilled. (Don’t you love my hot dog analogy!)

Real Men
But what really stirred my ranting was how Cosmo turns this – and previous examples – into story and advice column drivel bashing all guys. They set their readers up with ideas on how we, as obviously weak-minded women, should never let our guard down around men. Never trust a single one. Yet, never mind that for every one of these Weiners there are hundreds of great guys out there; guys who know how to have fun with their spouse and live life without hang-ups and hidden agendas.

Ok, maybe each relationship has a secret or two, but as humans it’s our nature to hold some potentially embarrassing things – things we think we may be judged on – close to our chest. Heck, the whole game of poker is built on that very idea (and you will want to stop by for my Sexy Sunday this week where I share some poker fantasies). But it reminds me of how we need to work harder at opening the doors of communication between each other in a relationship than we do at opening naughty e-mails from coeds.

And it’s easy for me to say that because my website has pretty much killed any chance of me finding success in politics. Thank goodness because I was struggling with whether or not I should be Prime Minister or amateur porn star.

Judging from the naughty e-mails I get, I think I made the right choice.

Oh, and for the record … rarely watched the show, and Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character.
Andee     xoxo

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