June 27, 2011

Website | I'm Not Ashley Madison

Well, I’m supposed to be researching the latest data on drug interactions … but since there’s no one else in our library right now, I’m taking advantage of the privacy to check in on my latest obsession!

Anyway …

It was kind of an interesting conversation last night. One of the gentleman I chat with every now and then professed to know everything there was to know about men, and offered to answer any question posed… seemed easy enough, and as you know, I am always up for a lively debate and a good challenge when it comes to me and guys.

I asked this friend, why do men seem to think - despite me being happily married and clearly indicating that in just about every part of my website (including the wedding ring in the photos) - that my website is a dating site? His response, while wise and intriguing, left me without a really deep sense of knowing. My friend explained that regardless of a woman’s marital status, men were in constant pursuit of sex. Marriage simply meant an opportunity to obtain sex without commitment. Now, don’t take my paraphrasing as an insult, because I did not take his answer that way.

A membership was an invitation to sex. A photo was an invitation to sex. Pleasant chat about the weather or nuclear physics was an invitation to sex.

So there I sat, pondering the answer … amused and thoroughly intrigued further about this revelation from a member of the male species.

I needed to know more, so I cornered the testosterone within my own household … under the guise of something more enticing than simply "How's your day honey?" and extracted an answer. Of course, knowing full well that there are certain ways to make a man tell the total truth - even where Grandma hid her money if need be - I employed nothing but the best of strategies. (Sometimes the ‘oral’ part of interrogation doesn’t involve sentences)

The answer, he told me in sheer erectional confession, can be found quite readily in a routine by a famous southern comedian - Jeff Foxworthy. That’s right, folks … hard to believe, but not so hard to believe.

Apparently, and open for debate, men have two things on their mind at anyone time:

"I want a beer, and I want to see something nekkid …"

So, the secret may be out … as to me, dating invitations aside, tonight I’m going to learn where Grandma hid her money!

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Andee     xoxo


H said...

Yes, this is 100% correct.
I always have to things on my mind, I little different than the foxworthy one;
1. I'd like to fuck her,
2. I wonder if she'd like to fuck me.

Both of these are on my mind everytime I log onto your site.

Andee said...

That is very good to know. I often have the same thoughts...and yes, about women too. Then I catch myself thinking it and look around wondering if anyone knows what I am thinking.

And I'm glad you guys do think that when you long onto my site. That's a big reason for having one!