June 21, 2011

Flirting | Andee's Top Secret Strategy

Hey guys! The summer is officially upon us now, which is more good news for you guys because one of the fun little things I am adding to keep everything all interesting is my Topless Tuesdays photo series on my main page. Each week for the 13 weeks of summer, you will get a little peek at some of my personal selections of me letting it all out on top - well that and because where I live it is legal for women to go topless.

Of course, in my own style, I won’t be giving it all away. You didn’t really expect all that and more did you? If you like what Miniskirt Mondays and Topless Tuesdays bring to your daily diversions, make sure you slip on over to my website for all the really hot and naughty stuff.

Enough sales-pitching for today … on with the dirty mind and stuff.

As you know I have been embroiled in a little flirting contest that was put forth by my twisted hubby. And with summer comes the time to really get ready for the flirting season - when there's a lot of opportunity to get out from underneath all those bulky winter clothes, expose a lot more flesh and let those hemlines go up a higher ... of course, all with some semblance of decency when it comes to the work day.

As I have chatted with a couple of you, it seems you have been intrigued enough to want to know more ... so by requested, here is one of my own personal secrets for flirting. Honestly, this is not one that I borrowed from a cheesy women's magazine, but a tried and true method ... something I picked up along the way ...

The Lean In
When I'm in a public place - like a club or bar, something like that - instead of just trying to talk louder, I like to lean in towards a guy’s ear and talk a bit lower than shouting over music. This has two really hot angles - the upclose eye contact, and the physical contact. Being a towering 5'1", it gives me great opportunity to put a hand on the guy's arm and pull him down to my level. And then after I've said what I need to say, as you pull away, the deep look into his eyes. A couple times of doing this and next thing you know, he's picked up on and doing it back! Voila!

And, when the heat needs to reach record temperatures, this technique is even more killer when I am wearing the kind of top that might provide a guy with a little extra treat. Which means that, yes, there is a bra strategy as much as there is a panty strategy.

So there you go … just one of the techniques I use in my flirtations.
Andee      xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Eye contact. Starts me melting EVERY TIME. --Sanders