December 7, 2010

Andee's Panty Strategy

My Office Guys were getting a bit randy yesterday at lunch. I gathered from all the comments that were coming my way that they all had a good time at the “holiday” party for our work. Sadly, we don’t call it a Christmas party because a large group of my co-workers don’t celebrate the Christian aspect of the season. However, they do seem to like the “holiday” pay that comes with it. 

What's Under My Little Black Dress
Anyway, no soap boxes … that’s not what my blog is supposed to be about.

As I mentioned, the guys were having a fun chat with a few us today. Christmas parties for them are pretty easy - a nice suit, maybe a new tie or something, but nothing like what we have to go through. Now, don’t get me wrong - as I mentioned before, I LOVE getting all dressed up and slipping on some sexy heels and going out for a night of dancing and fun. I love how it makes me feel, and the attention.

Today’s conversation started with a couple us giving the guys some grief about looking like they were going to work - barely a hint of effort to dress up and look smart. Come on guys, this isn’t a department meeting, it’s the office PARTY! Someone (it wasn’t me, I swear) said out loud that she bet they didn’t even put on a fresh pair of boxers for the night. Well, that got them going with “I don’t wear boxers” and “I put on my Christmas thong - the one with the mistletoe pattern” and on it went. Thank goodness no one from HR joins us for lunch!

Follow me on Twitter - Speaking of underwear, 67.5% of men wear tightie whities! 

After a good razzing they started in on a couple of us that actually made a big effort to look all glamorous and dressed up … accusing us of leading them astray with our fancy dresses and high heels. (Uh huh, you know it!) The comments started getting a little more risqué with each one, until they were swearing they knew if anyone was going “commando that night it had to be me. Apparently I have a reputation!? One of them was teasing me by saying he was behind me all night trying to find a visible panty line and couldn’t.

Hey, if you had of bought me a drink and asked nicely, I might have proven you right … or wrong, depending on which side of the bet you wanted to be on! LOL

Anyway, it finally came around to one of them asking if women seriously had a plan when we're getting ready to go out; do we randomly pick out a pair of panties, or do we have a strategy involved? Please, rent Bridget Jones.

For me, and I’m almost certain all women, I have a little bit of a strategy involved. The obvious reason is what I'm wearing over them. Black panties and white pants just isn't a good look LOL. And high cut briefs with low cut jeans - yikes! Gaudy T-bars when I bend down to get something from the bottom drawers? No thank you.

Mostly, I have a very specific plan when I'm going out on a date, the Christmas party or something like that. If I think there's a chance someone may enjoy the scenery, I will select something that looks sexy. And I’ve been known to occasionally share that scenery - but completely unintentionally, really. I also will pick underwear that will make me feel sexy.

And if I think I'm really going to get lucky, I try not to bother ... but this is Canada and weather can be a factor these days. Cold drafts up a sexy dress can put a damper on things real fast. So some good advice guys is to keep your hands warm, you never know just what might need a little heating up on the way home!

Oh, and I like where that heating vent in the car blows once things really get warmed up!
Andee     xoxo 


H said...

I find panties to be such a turn on, the type, style and color (or none) mean so much as what the expections are later.... I want to work with you I think our flirting would be fun

Bert Fraser said...

Wow! Just ... wow!