Flirt Contest

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, as the warmer season of 2011 settles into Canada, I find myself on slightly dangerous, definitely edgy path – with motivation.

From April 7 to September 2, I have been challenged by my husband to use my days out of the lab (where I work) as days when I must put maximum effort into style and appearance: an image challenge. The intent is for him to prove to my sometimes-doubting self-esteem that it’s not long hair that gets attention, but a variety of things.

And with each challenge comes consequence and reward. From beginning until the final day, any day in play will go down like this: if just one guy compliments my appearance, gets caught in an obvious ogle or ... um ... cops a feel, I must provide my loving husband with a little oral action that night. Conversely, if he fails in his bid to get guys to flirt shamelessly with me, then he owes me the return favour of a little tongue action.

So I will be keeping score here guys ... feel free to offer hints, suggestions or just general comments!

April 7 - my guys let me down, but I'll be getting an O to start it all off
April 8 - that didn't last long ... hubby will be smiling lots tonight ;-p
April 11 - In dress pants ... but Andee will take a licking :-D
April 12 - darn horny trucker ... and unexpected commuting win for my husband!
May 10 - my Office Guys peek way too much ... hubby better taste good ;-p
May 12 - business suit, stockings, garter-belt ... major blow to my chances
May 13 - a casual day after some major 'business' ... still sucked as flirting continued
May 17 - dress shorts, new ankle boots ... they brought me to my knees
May 20 - minidress and boots ... and a dangerous game today
May 25 - dressy skirt, strappy heels and button-down
July 18 - damn Office Guy didn't just flirt ... be brushed past me and his arm touched my breasts
July 20 - same Office Guy ... really heating up his flirting. I think hubby is paying him.
July 22 - brand new skirt and sweater ... I know I don't stand a chance
July 29 - who knew a simple golf shirt would be so captivating to guys
August 15 - one in my favour ... you guys let me down, but the double O thanks to hubby made up for it
August 16 - I don't know ... do compliments from women really count?
August 18 - And they didn't even see the leopard print panties ... so did I "lose" twice ;-)
August 24 - Got a nipple 'accidental' brush and a 'holy fuckin' moly' from my coworker. Owe hubby one.


@devon_bigfella said...

i love the way you look in that dress and boots and if you would let me i would love to cop a feel!!! Shame i live on the other side of the pond!! xx

Andee said...

Thanks so much Devon. I'm learning (hmm maybe already knew) that boots do it every time ;-)

@devon_bigfella said...

Boots do it for most men! I know if I see a pretty thing like you in boots my pulse quickens! Works every time without fail! ;-)

Andee said...

Well, knowing we have that power over you guys with a simple pair of boots is a bit of an aphrodisiac!

@devon_bigfella said...

For me it is the combination of boots and short skirts or dresses, the little flash of leg in between the two is such a turn on made even better with a stocking clad thigh! Every time I see it in the street I get a buzz and just want to cop a feel between boot and thigh! Damn think I just turned myself on with thoughts of an ex girlfriend but that's another story ;-0