April 30, 2011

Sex | Touch Me Right ... There

Not that long ago I was blogging about an erotic moment where my husband made me sit with the hem of my skirt hiked, no panties, and then proceeded to take me to nirvana with his fingers. I’m not ashamed to say that I frequently reflect back on this sexy interlude for some orgasmic inspiration.

I thought what would help out all my girlfriends out there - because they need some orgasmic stimulation just as much as I do. And so guys, today's entry is strictly for you. I suspect your partners will pretty much know what works for her when it comes to some digital manipulation - and I hope she has shared with you just how to get her off. In the meantime, I'm going to try to explain it to you - but only about what works for me - so we all have a little something extra on our “honey do“ list this weekend.

The biggest factor, if in doubt, is to ask her for a nice demonstration and explanation. Assure her that it will be in her continued best interest to give you a private lesson on exactly how she manages to reach that toe-curling “O” with her own fingers.

So without further ado ...

How to make a woman feel unbelievable with your fingers.

The one thing I find that you guys simply don't understand is that the best sensation for a woman - remember I'm talking about me here - is that first two inches or so just inside the pussy. All the nerve endings are right there and that is where the greatest feeling is. Don't go jamming your hand halfway to my liver in there.

As my hubby and I discussed this, I showed him and let him play. He's pretty damn good with his hands and tongue in the first place, but this was real good too.

As I was playing with my clit, he gently stroked the bottom of the inside of my pussy with his finger. If she's lying on her back guys, gently rub the spot inside the pussy as if you are pressing down against her anus. As I was explaining this, I made the comparison to my favourite toy - my turbo rabbit. It has beads all along the base that rotate when it is inside...hence, the first couple of inches inside a woman...

Now some of us just aren't into a little love button action. Not me, though...that's the most amazing place to go. But, some of the guys I have had experience with want to get right onto it and mash it around...no...no, no...

If a guy really wants to get me into a soaking wet, squirming, begging for it all kind of situation...think timex. Gently massage that spot on the outer sides, at 10 and 2 o'clock positions. Since I am right handed, I like to work my little button on the right side, and gently massage...changing my hand speed and pressure as I go.

When my husband gets into me that way, he will sit between my legs, and run his fingers and tongue along that spot, leaving me in a twitching, moaning orgasm.

Now, for those of you who can...go get her off! LOL

Andee     xoxo


H said...

great post, all woman should have a wallet size printout of the finger diagram, specific to her, and give it to us guys on a first date for us to take home to study and practice :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are amazing. I wish I could meet a woman that is into it as much

Bill P said...

lol gang signs for sex!

aimforcenter69 said...

I agree with the first guy, women should hand these instructions around. Nothing like floundering your way under her panties hoping for some excitement.

Paul said...

Great post. I love the feeling of getting a woman warmed up with lots of finger play and bringing her to the edge of an orgasm and then backing off. Repeat and have her begging for more.

Thanks for all the writing, you're a delight to imagine.


cary h said...

Great post, always fun to imagine you and your fingers playing with your clit. More fun imagining their my fingers!