May 2, 2011

Stick In Your Ear

Who has one of those in-the-ear Bluetooth headsets?

Here, where I live, using a cell phone while driving is now illegal unless you have one of those hands-free devices, so they seem to be a lot more popular. (Of course, I prefer my own type of hands-free device – but it’s not really meant for driving … a car … either!)

The problem with these things is that it is no longer easy to figure out who the crazy people are downtown.

This past weekend I saw a commercial that is being played on television for a new brand of beer ... how Canadian, eh? In the commercial this guy is getting his case of beer out of the cooler when a sexy woman comes up behind him. She is saying things out loud like: “What are doing tonight?” and “Want to go to a party with me?” The guy automatically thinks she is talking to him, and answers. Only then does she stop, give him the "ultra-bitch, how dare you talk to me you pathetic slug" glare and pull her hair back to reveal one of those Star Trekkie headsets.

I hate that commercial …

I have mentioned before that I am a technophobe, so it makes me kind of old school when it comes to a lot of these new gadgets in our life. Recently Men’s Health published a statistic that said 33 per cent of women find these Bluetooth devices “turn-offs.” I openly admit I fall right into that category.

So, while I know that the laws in the province state we can’t drive with a cell phone in hand anymore, why do guys insist on wearing these headsets on the train? Further, why do they insist on wearing them inside the workplace? I guess I don’t see just how important these guys must be that they need to have their hands free while sitting on the commuter train each morning … I mean, seriously, it’s not like you can have good phone sex while we’re all sitting there listening to you!

Hmm … maybe a bit judgmental today? Not feeling all that cerebral after getting my brains “you know what” out of me all weekend! And none of it with an electronic gadget stuffed in my ear either!

... I won’t bring up how the magazine also suggested that the easiest way to never get laid again is to match the headset with one of those fancy belt holsters!

Oh, and by the way … on the judgmental part … for all my Canadian hotties that stop by for a little distraction in your day, don’t forget that today is the day we all get to be judgmental of the federal politicians, so please go out and vote. I’d hate to have to give you one of those silly speeches like my father-in-law does about how many brave men and women fought and died so we could exercise our democratic privilege.

Oh wait … I guess I just did … oops. ;-)

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

RIGHT ON, I hate those stupid things, its right up there with the guys wearing two cellphones on his belt (actually one is bad enough).

The cellphone while driving law is really stupid aswell. It is not the act of holding the phone that causes the accidents (hell allot of us have masturbated while driving, be honest you know you have)

One need more dexterity for that than holding a phone. No it's the fact that your not paying attention to driving but to the conversation that causes accident.

This is just another example of laws being created for the ability to collect fines. It's just another form of taxation.

PS I love miniskirt Mondays, I love, the white & thigh high suede boots picture... sexy, hot... I miss you at my blog... Kisses