March 25, 2011

Drive Me | Sex On Wheels

A nice weekday off for me today, so here I am sitting in my bathrobe with a towel on my head, writing “y'all” about my chat this morning with an online friend. I know, hardly the glamorous look you had in mind. Such is the life of a closet porn star, according to my husband!

Anyway, my ever-inquisitive friend and I were discussing a recent survey that suggested the car is North American’s second favourite place to have sex – with the bedroom as No. 1. I think this includes the steamy-windows, back row at the drive-in movies and the secluded “Inspiration Point”, but he was suggesting it may also include sex while the car was in motion.

So, it came to be (I know, bad pun) had I ever had sex while driving?

I can say, not the whole act ... and I was not the driver.

I had read somewhere about this girl who gave her boyfriend a blowjob while they were driving somewhere, so I decided to give it a try. The idea of it was extremely erotic, and I like to explore when the mood hits. So, there we were, driving along a back road and I began to tease him, then unzipped his jeans to begin the fun. To be honest, it's a very awkward position … even without the seat belt. Safety first, you know! ;-)

And although we did have quite a bit of fun with it at the time, it's definitely not a regular occasion for us...not yet anyway.

That said, a much better experience for me is when I drive him crazy by playing with myself until I cum while he is driving. It's something that I have done on a number of occasions. The first time I did that was long before we were married. We were coming home from an office dinner party and I was wearing this cute little dress, so it was pretty easy access. I had been drinking a fair bit, so I was feeling pretty adventurous and damn horny. Earlier in the evening my guy had dared me to go to the bathroom and slip off my panties. I did, and then slipped them into his jacket pocket while I whispered some dirty talk into his ear. They never made it back onto me and I managed to get him to agree to leave earlier than most everyone else. I had plans.

As we were driving home, he was joking about those guys who hang garters they get at weddings and such on the mirror, so he slipped my cute little white panties onto the rear view and away we went. He was teasing me with his hand as we drove along and in no time I was incredibly turned on, so after a bit more of this, I put my feet on the dashboard and went to work on my own.

We eventually had to stop the car for a little more activity though! It is equally difficult for the guy to keep up any kind of manual pleasure on a female passenger for a long time while he is trying to drive.

Thinking back on it now, I might just have to talk him into taking me for a little country drive this weekend!
Andee    xoxo

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Bill P said...

It is one of those teenage rites of passage. Besides if you know the right places to park it is a lot safer that the parents basement lol