March 28, 2011

On Fashion | 'Borrowed' Hints on Sexy

Hey guys, well not sure about where you are, but here we’re in the midst of a season change and pretty much everyone is desperate for some warmer weather. Late spring and early summer is really my time of year. I love the warmer weather, which means getting to show off a bit more style and fashion – without the humid summer making you sweat when you’re not doing anything worth getting all sweaty over.

So, as I was spending time this morning doing things I really shouldn’t have been doing, I copped out a bit on blogging some totally original thoughts and found some of interesting fashion advice I would throw your way to help get the girl of your dreams into some sexy outfits once the parka has been shelved. Not to mention, my Miniskirt Monday photo asks about “office distractions” and rumour has it, it’s something I’m very good at.

And just to make it interesting, I added my own little thoughts – not that I’m a fashion icon or anything like that. But I sometimes find some of this stuff is totally not for the average, everyday kind of person: five-inch heels might look great when they’re pointed to the ceiling, but you get a whole different look when you wear them for lunch with the CEO!
Six Items Every Woman Should Have

"While we can’t enough of shopping the hottest new trends of the season, we also know the importance of having a handful of wardrobe staples that are always in style—regardless of the season or the decade. Here are six items no closet should be without:"

1. Dark-Wash Denim
Finding the perfect pair of dark-wash jeans is like finding fashion nirvana! Not just easy-to-wear, they can also be dressed up or down, making them one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe repertoire. Don’t know whether to go for the skinny jean look or the wide-legged flairs of the moment? Either style works, but curvy figures find the best fit in boot-cut or wide-leg trousers, while slimmer frames feel their best in straight-legged or skinny jeans.
ANDEE SAYS: Why limit yourself to just one pair? Go for something in each style, plus right now guys, women are loving the knee-high boots so get her into some skinny jeans and take her boot shopping.
The Mandatory LBD

2. The Little Black Dress
Ever since Audrey Hepburn donned a sleek black dress for the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, the LBD has been hailed as the epitome of timeless style. A flattering black frock is not only appropriate for almost any occasion, it’s oh-so easy to throw on and look fabulous—instantly!
ANDEE SAYS: No self-respecting woman would be without one. I love mine ... LOVE! Here’s a tip for an incredible weekend night of sex; suck it up and go dress shopping with her. Have her try on tons of great dresses. You get to see her looking gorgeous all day, she feels like you notice … incredible electricity when the lights go down!

3. Nude High Heels
You already know that sky-high heels can do wonders for making a more svelte-looking you, but flesh-colored pumps are serious slimming miracle-workers. The neutral color is not only easy to match with just about anything, but also it creates the illusion of long legs by showcasing one continuous line all the way down to your toes. Keep a pair of nude pumps in your closet to ensure you’ll have the skinny on effortless, flattering style whenever you need it most.
ANDEE SAYS: Never been a fan of the “nude” colour in shoes. I asked a couple of high-heels loving experts I know (down boys, down) and their advice is funky, black stilettos … naturally. That said, I get more comments on my leopard print heels than most others. Maybe shoes might be the true opportunity to take some risks?
The Button-down Shirt

4. Oxford Shirt
Everyone needs a piece of clothing that provides instant polish with virtually no effort, and if there was ever a magical item that could do that, it’d the collared white Oxford shirt. The tailored lines and structured fit ensure you’ll look your most put-together whether you’re heading to an interview or running errands.
ANDEE SAYS: You know, I always thought guys would go for sexy lingerie, skin tight jeans, etc. As I have gotten a little older I have learned that outside of the bedroom and night club, the biggest “office distraction” is the very business-like button-down. White, black, red … when I’m want some attention away from home, these never fail me.

5. Pencil Skirt
The ever-flattering pencil skirt is the female version of the power suit. It does wonders for highlighting curves and elongating your lower half for a timeless and chic silhouette and is a must-have for any working woman or about-town gal!
ANDEE SAYS: Only if you’re taller than 5’5” … I’m short and these skirts make me look even shorter. Even with the killer heels.

6. Trench Coat
There’s not outerwear that’s better at highlighting a woman’s shape than the trench. It cinches and defines a waist, while the lapels and structured shoulders highlight a hourglass figure. Not only flattering, a trench can be worn from the first nips of crisp fall weather all the way through spring thaw!
ANDEE SAYS: They’re also necessary for those office fantasies … you know, where you just slip on a pair of sexy black thigh highs, heels and head to your man’s office for some serious desk-sex. You might want to think about that guys, buy her a classic one and she might just ditch that old Dale Earnhardt NASCAR jacket. Well, unless that’s your idea of sexy.
Andee     xoxo

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