February 9, 2011

Panties | Yes, We Show Them Off

I got into a bit of a fun conversation the other night with a male friend about the whole Panty Strategy again. He said he was a little surprised to learn that there was an actual plan behind our knickers - other than when it was a necessary thing (black panties, white pants!)

Day 11 - A Peek At My Panties
I was having a very good time teasing him over the idea that sometimes we will knowingly give you guys the opportunity for a peek at our underwear. Of course, the bra seems to be far too obvious - most young girls now believe it is the actual top and not the foundation of a nice rack. But never mind that …

So, as I was having a fun little time, the guy who gets to see my panties anytime he wants (he just needs to ask a little bit more frequently) tells me that I was dishing far too much “secret girl knowledge.”

It spoils the illusion, he says.

“Ha!” I say … because I know that most guys can’t resist the temptation to look when you see a hint of panty, even for a millisecond, if the opportunity is there.

So, I told them both there have been times … and still times … when I am well aware that guys will see tomorrow’s laundry. Some of the skirts that I seem to have acquired (thanks to my fashion-forward husband who thinks the mother of his children can pull off the pole-dancer look) are simply just too risqué for the occasional panty peek to not happen. This isn’t a work-related style, but definitely night club.

There are the times when, while wearing a skirt, we can position ourselves in such a way that it becomes a delightful game to see if a guy can hold his look above our shoulders. Seriously, do you think Sharon Stone invented that move?

With the right amount of alcohol-fuelled bravery, it’s nothing I haven’t done before. A few years back, when I was out with a couple of my friends, we were sitting in a pretty low-key lounge near a group of guys. I was wearing one of my favourite skirts and a pair of boots - and a pair of intentionally chosen panties. A little shuffle on the seat, the occasional “accidental” separation of my knees … yeah … we soon weren’t paying for the drinks.

My hubby still loves that story … maybe some day I’ll tell you the whole bit.

And that little flash from behind when I bend down and the waistband above my butt gets pulled down enough for you to catch a glimpse of my Victoria Secrets micro-fibre bikinis? Something my Office Guys try to hide from me noticing …

You think I don’t know? I’d turn sideways from you if I was wearing my sensible cotton Hanes that day.


H said...

So your telling me if a woman descreetly flashes me her panties she wants me to see........ is she telling me she is interested? I find panties so damn seductive.

Anonymous said...

You ladies do this on purpose?! My whole world got turned on its ear! :) -Sanders

Andee said...

Oh, you can tell when we are doing it on purpose ... but you rarely catch the look in our eyes and the subtle naughty smile because you're too busy trying to sneak and peek and not get caught looking there.

PS: Is she interested? Interested in the attention it gets ;-)