February 8, 2011

Exhibitionism | Spicing Up My Marriage

I can say that I never really imagined myself, as I was growing up, to be an exhibitionist. Growing up in a small town meant that one little misstep would leave your reputation in tatters for years. I know many people that to this day are still saddled with certain things that happened way back when - and not even really horrific things either, just a drunken mistake or two.

But, reading back at some of the more popular posts on my blog, I discovered that you guys enjoyed my thoughts on Why I Pose for an adult website.
Day 10 - Window Dressing or Flashing?

And while I won’t revisit all my thoughts there, I can say that the one thing that I really do appreciate from the past nine years has been the “freedom” to create a whole fantasy for both my husband and myself. You see, when you get right down to it, that is the real reason why you get to see (and hopefully enjoy) me in various stages of undress. To be able to express myself in a sexual way, and stimulate his imagination and desire, is liberating. My website serves as both the reason for, and healthy perversion of, that intimacy we have created in our marriage.

I realize that there are many reasons why my secret life remains that way, so to say it is liberating can be contradictory. But to share those moments, when he is intently focused on me … and I can see just how much that focus is intense … well …

As I have grown older and developed a little less of a concern over what other people think, I have found that being comfortable with my body, and knowing that many of you are also comfortable with my body, is a great feeling. I’m OK with all the healthy sexual reactions that guys tell me about in chats or e-mails.

Exhibitionism isn’t necessarily a purely sexual thing - although modern society has made it that way. It is a celebration of who we are in a physical and somewhat spiritual way. No, I’m not going to get all weird with you over spirituality - but I think you get what I mean. Exhibitionism to me is about being able to shed those constraints our day to day lives put on us, the social mores and workplace political correctness.

The whole experience has been a way for me to maintain a strong sexual nature to my marriage, and I don’t mind saying it has been part of the “hard work” that has allowed me to maintain that relationship for almost two decades. I wonder if more women got naked for their man in a somewhat imaginative way - a hint of role playing, a hint of Playboy - then maybe there might be less relationship carnage along the path.

Will you see me frolicking at a Nudist Colony anytime soon? No, but if the opportunity arises I’ll be a lot more willing to drop my top at a clothing-optional beach in the Caribbean! All I need is someone to take me … ?

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