February 10, 2011

Romance | Not In This Ol' Town

There was a lot of talk yesterday about the list of the Most Romantic Cities in Canada. Kind of interesting, considering the criteria for picking them was based on the sales of romance novels, relationship self-help books, mood music by Michael Buble and DVDs. I guess you could say I’m a bit cynical over the whole thing, because to me if you are buying all those things, then it might be perceived as you not having enough romance in your life.

Now, I am certainly no expert on romance … and the small town I live in is nothing more than a shadow of a couple places that didn’t rank very high. That said, some might think my town is one of the most “pornographic” in Canada - given the naughtiness that some of the residents get up to! ;-)

It only sucks that there is a shortage of AA batteries at the grocery store on the weekends.
Day 12 - Canadian Lingerie

Anyway, enough silliness … but I do find it interesting that certain places ranked high on the list. The number one city was Victoria - a gorgeous place on Vancouver Island, way out west. I can agree with that selection, mostly because it is one of those destinations that offers more of the best than of the worst.

Here in the snowbound centre of the universe - or so it gets labelled by many - there’s not a lot to suggest that we’re a true “romantic” destination. Want to kiss on the observation deck of our famous CN Tower … it will cost you almost $50 for you and your smooch-worthy partner just to lock lips high above the angry crowds. Watch the sunset by the lake? Do it soon because the condo developments will soon close the concrete curtain.

Some are suggesting that most couples in the city are just too busy to buy romance novels and Michael Buble background crooning … I think the fact is we are far too uptight to be romantics. This winter it hardly seems like we can even show some decency to each other, never mind romantic affection.

On top of that, we are lacking that real “world appeal” to create that romantic mood places like Paris, Rome, London or Sydney hold.

Unless you happen to be a hockey fan…because the one thing in Canada that will bring out emotion in a man and make him fall in love makes it home here - the Stanley Cup. The guys at work say there’s nothing more romantic than a woman who loves our national sport. I know it was a bit of stretch, but I do have this great photo of me in a Team Canada hockey shirt … and there is nothing more romantic than the idea of 21 buff naked guys in a dressing room, with great hands and stiff shafts. For that I might even overlook the fact that there’s probably only one full set of teeth among them!

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