February 3, 2011

The Other Part Of My New Friend

OK ... well, a couples days later, a slew of batteries, and Andee walking a lot like the Lone Ranger getting off Trigger after a long ride, I'm finally settling in the write the last part of all the naughtiness I started last week. When I wrote last, I was telling you about sitting in the hot tub, on the lap of Lisa's husband and the surprises that came with it...

I have to admit, it was a very confusing moment emotionally. Not that psychological confusion, but more that sexual argument you sometimes have in your own mind. I was incredibly turned on, and seriously having a conscious debate with myself over the issue between my legs. Here was this guy with an incredible hard-on pressed against my very horny pussy. I could have quite easily allowed him to slip into me and no one except he and I would have ever known otherwise.

Day 5 - Panties Around My Ankles
The past few days I have been struggling with the thoughts of was this a missed opportunity? With things they way they went, was there an open door that I should have taken? I guess I won't really know. Then I begin to wonder the same about my own husband and Lisa ... was the situation the same emotional conflict?

I'm still trying to discover if I have the bravery to ask ... but I guess that's all done now anyway ;-)

Sometimes blogging is just the greatest way to have a talk with your spouse ... in a cryptic kind of fashion!

Anyway, we continued to make out and get into some serious kissing while I was sitting in his lap. Sometime into a very deep kiss I felt Lisa's hand on my nether regions ... she was running her hand across my butt and slowly, with each rub, towards my pussy. Then she found her husband's rock hard cock and pulled it kind of back, so that he wasn't sliding along my pussy so much anymore. She stroked him up and down - which was an incredible sensation for me ... so close to my own heat that I was left wondering/wanting her to guide him elsewhere. After a bit, she left him alone and - all the while still kissing my husband - she moved her fingers towards my pussy and began to tease me again. This carried on for a few minutes.

I wonder now if she was trying, in a deliciously devious way to see if her husband had entered me or not ...

Ultimately, I think all of us had reached the point where the teasing had to stop ... Lisa and I switched again so that we were back with our own husbands. When I slipped onto my own husband's lap, I guided things to where they should be ... I can't say if it was the same for our friends, I was way too absorbed in actually getting some after this outrageous torture.

After we managed to reach the proper end to that, I slipped off of his lap so that I was between him and Lisa and her husband. Lisa and I picked up where we had left off, with the kissing and fondling, and I do have to say, I think I have more questions now than ever before.

But one thing I am certain of ... recession or not, buy stocks in Duracell. My purchases alone will keep them in business for quite a while!


H said...

when you wrote

"I wonder now if she was trying, in a deliciously devious way to see if her husband had entered me or not ..."

I can't explain it but when I read that I got so freakishly horny, it painted such a delicious picture... I am to turned on to think right now.

Anonymous said...

Great reading andee.....I think u did the right thing


Andee said...

H ... it has certainly kept my mind and imagination completely fueled!

Oscar ... thanks. And when it comes to pushing the envelope in certain directions, if it's meant to be, it will be.