January 26, 2011

New Friend In My Sexual Adventure

OK guys ... I promised and promised that I would get you the update for my previous blog about my friend's wedding night. I have to admit that this has taken me a bit of time to finish because, well, I tend to get distracted every now and then with fond memories!

I'll spare you the dull details of the lead up ... really, I had no expectations of getting together again with them other than a nice night, a few drinks, conversation. Sometimes moments just happen and that is all they are, one-time moments of fleeting experimentation combined with the right amount of alcohol. My husband, on the other hand, was working double overtime to make sure there was nothing overlooked in creating the right “mood“ for things to develop again. I guess he felt a little left out the previous weekend ... although he had no reason too, given how much satisfaction he received repeatedly following the whole thing.

Everything was pretty much as you would predict, lots of silly chatter, just subtly touching on the one thing that was on everyone's mind - almost like trying to see if the others knew a "secret" yet this whole thing was hardly secret. I blogged last night about the direction the conversation took, as we avoided the obvious ... kind of silly really.

But I think the build up is really one of the greatest turn ons of any experience. So you have to enjoy the anticipation, the unknown.

Finally I had the chance to get Lisa alone for a few minutes. We had been giving each other those knowing, teasing looks all night anyway, so the mood was definitely charged. I kind of slid up beside her and told her in a low voice that she had really caught me by surprise last week. I lightly touched her hand, running my fingers along hers - the ones that tormented me so much last weekend - and then looked her deep in the eyes. It was one of those moments that stops time.

There wasn't any need to say much more. Thinking it might be a bit pushy, I leaned in very close to her and kissed her again. Up until last weekend, it had been a long time since I had really enjoyed a kiss with another woman, and being a lot more sober this weekend, it was an incredible sensation again. It's very hard to explain just why kissing another woman is different. For me, there's just something more there that is wired straight to my desires. The softness, the delicate feeling, how her tongue feels versus a mans ... When we parted, I told her that what had happened following our friend’s wedding had tormented me all week. We laughed together, as she admitted she surprised herself by being so forward. She admitted that she was very nervous if things had gone too far, and would it just turn into one of those "weird" things that would make this summer's baseball awkward.

We stood in the kitchen for a while, just chatting about last weekend, our thoughts over the past week ... a little confessional moment between us without having to face the husbands. Sometimes they just don't need to be in on things. Lisa told me that she strongly suspected I had a little bisexual twist in me. I guess some of those after-game parties in baseball season might have given something away ... but it certainly turned out on a hot note.

For a little while longer, she and I were hanging off each other, snuggling on the couch, cuddling and holding hands while we chatted with the guys again, etc. Part of it was to see how crazy we could make our husbands, of course. Finally mine suggests a little wine out in the hot tub. So we all got ready and headed outside. I'll be honest, I have no idea if our neighbours will talk to us again. I don't know what they saw or heard ... Nor do I really care! LOL

Come on in, the water's great!
But what you want to know is the good stuff, right?

It took Lisa and I about 3 seconds to get topless once we were in. Both of us were already beyond horny, and this was just the excuse we needed. We snuggled up close to each other and waited for our husbands to join us. What a site we must have been because you could see their swimsuits were .... uh .... in need of a little adjusting. So, once they were in the water we told them that the suits had to go. My husband was quick to point out we were only topless ... as were they. It wasn't like I needed too much encouragement so I stood up, hiding my breasts with my hands (mostly because it was cold) and stood between Lisa's legs. She pulled down my bikini bottoms, revealing my ass to the guys. Well, one of them has seen it numerous times anyway.

After some joking around, all four of us reached the totally nude stage ... but again, with bubbles and water, you couldn't see an awful lot anyway. 

Cutting to the chase, Lisa and I started a bit of fondling with each other. I sat on her lap and we started making out, and she would suck on my nipples between the kissing. Her hands were gently rubbing my butt, while I played with her breasts, teasing her nipples until they were hard. We carried on like this for a while, until my husband pulled me over to his lap. I guess the guys just didn't feel the same way about each other ... He and I made out for a bit and his rock hard cock was pushing against me.

Things were going pretty hot and heavy, and I'm not 100 per cent on who initiated things, but next thing I know, I'm kind of floating off my husband's lap and over to Lisa's husband, while she switches too. Now, I wasn't really expecting things to go this way. I figured a little teasing, tormenting, follow-up on what got started last weekend between a couple of horny girls. As I begin to slide onto his lap, the angle of things was almost just a bit ... um ... penetrating. This guy was hard as steel and the head of his manhood was just about pushing right between everything I got!

Now, before you jump to any conclusions ... there was a big part of me knowing that this was not where your sweet, innocent Andee wanted to take things. But as I managed to adjust myself properly this man's dick was rubbing me in all the right ways. As I kissed him, he would flex himself against me, driving me absolutely insane ...

Whew ... ok ... I gotta take just a little break and prepare myself to finish. The blog that is, guys, finish the blog ....

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