February 25, 2011

Games | Would You Rather?

Back to work is not so much fun … except when the conversation heads down a left turn. I know you must get the impression that my work place is an HR nightmare, given how much I say we talk about sex and flirt like mad - but the truth is, given the incredible stresses that exist, those subjects often come up as a simple method of distraction.

And of course, one of our favourite games is “Would you rather …”

Usually it starts out innocently enough; someone saw some documentary, or TV show where a guy eats live snakes, etc., and we get carried away with the “Would you rather …”

A couple weeks ago we had a good one where the one choice was would you rather go without sex, which led to the point - could you be happy without sex?

For me, I don’t think I truly could. Right now a big part of my world is my exploration. And while to many the idea of sex is completely separate from the idea of love, for me sex brings a level of intimacy that I find I need. Even in those moments when I am exploring with someone other than my partner, there is still a certain intimacy that fuels my imagination. It’s not “love” but rather a physical connection that brings about pleasure.

I dished the comeback to send everyone into an adolescent giggle with: Is masturbation still considered sex?

I know a few people who have reached such a dismal state in their own relationships that they claim they could do without getting it on, but I wonder if that is simply their frustration showing. I’d be willing to bet that there are some, if given that “Hall Pass,” would slip into bottomless state of debauchery to regain their sense of sexuality.

So while I am big believer in that you can love without sex, at this stage in my life, those physical moments - the passion, excitement and resulting mind-blowing climax - are very important to me.

Not to mention, without sex what the hell would I blog about?

Andee’s Threesome of Advice for Getting It On 
Sex is good. Good sex is better
1. Sex is good for you. Sex produces chemical reactions in the body that help keep us happy and healthy. And guys, it’s been argued that regular orgasms help prevent prostate cancer.  
2. Sex is good for the human race. Skip the orgasms, sex is about procreation and survival of our species. Without sex, there wouldn’t be a next generation. But forget skipping the orgasms; they help a woman get pregnant by creating sperm-loving spasms in the cervix. If she needs help, buy her a sex toy…makes “trying to get pregnant” fun! 
3. Sex is money. Money makes the world go round, Andee wants to have sex around the world … Ok, this thread in the threesome might not be a good reason for you to have sex. Unless you’re rich and having sex with me! 

 Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

wow nice article andeee done well!!!!

Andee said...

Thank you so much for saying so.