February 26, 2011

Promiscuity | What's In A Name

I was listening to a funny bit on the radio this morning about the most promiscuous names for men and women.

Not sure if I should be happy or hurt that neither of mine were on the list. You do know, guys, that I don’t go by “Andee” in my real life. That would just be weird for me. In fact, only one person refers to me that way outside of this kinky little online life … my best friend from Grade 1 who gave me the name because she could pronounce the one I was given at birth.

Oh, and one acquaintence that we know from one of the lifestyle clubs we go to … but she knew me more from Southern Charms because she was a Charm too a few years back.

And no, she does know where it has taken me 30 years later!

The top names for women:
1. Vanessa
2. Angela
3. Chantelle
4. Tamara
5. Sheila

The least:
1. Dorothy

One of the things I noticed is that most of the promiscuous names for women end with “a.” Hmm. Is there a pattern?

Can’t say my name ever prompted me to be promiscuous, but it has opened the door for some intriguing conversations … and no, sorry guys, I won’t be telling you what it really is.

On the men’s side, the most promiscuous is “Dave.” Funny, I thought it would have been “John.” (Bah-dah, bump, bah.)

I wonder if some parents set their children up for failure, or destiny, when picking a name … like Candy or Destiny … you know where I’m going with that. And let’s not get started on some celebrikids … Apple? Really? “Have you met cousin Lingonberry?”

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with how people came to be named what they are. When I was pregnant with my own children it was a somewhat challenging process to find names that would be somewhat normal, not get them beat up in the schoolyard and still not be obvious that they were “passed down” like that boxer … what’s his name? Oh yeah, everyone in his family is George Foreman!

Mine came from someone my parents had met years earlier on a vacation and it stuck with them until the had me. Nothing crazy, I suppose. It isn’t particularly fitting given our ancestral background, but what the heck … sure beats being named after something like where I was conceived; Buick just isn’t real sexy for a girl!

Andee    xoxo

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