February 24, 2011

Dating | 15 Ideas For Going Out With Me

Well, that was interesting. You know, I was really self-conscious about cutting all my hair off for this style. I was really worried about how it would look - and given how I know a lot of you guys like long hair on a woman. But I have been surprisingly surprised with the reactions.

And some have come from some very unusual sources. I got asked out on a date yesterday by someone at work. First I thought he was kidding around, then I clued in that this guy was very sincere about it. I think I was too shocked to be flattered or confused. This hasn’t happened in a very long time - especially because it wasn’t my husband that asked.

I can understand how this guy came to the point where he “popped the question.” For a number of shifts in my department, we are not allowed the wear any jewellery, so the obvious clue of my wedding bands is not always there.

Anyway … I had to say no. But it gave me something to take home and prompt the man at my house to take notice. So, for those of you out there that may want to take notice and need some good suggestions, here’s a little something I “borrowed” from one of my favourite trashy women’s magazines:

Andee’s Borrowed Dates
With great woman on your arm and a desire to be adventurous, there's no excuse for you not to go on a date. Here’s 15 ideas for memorable dates for any time of year that won't set you back more than $20 - spiced with my own take on them … and there’s not one that wouldn’t get you at least one step closer to my bedroom!

1. Find the best happy hour in town. Look through your newspaper or search online for local restaurants and bars with happy hours. Most places offer half-price food and drink specials, allowing you to get two drinks and share an appetizer for less than $20. Two drinks is enough to loosen up …
2. Go to a museum. Most museums either have free admission or offer free entry on certain days of the month. History is erotic, education is sexy. Show me you know something other than who won the 1974 Stanley Cup.
3. Visit your local zoo. Most zoos offer adult tickets for less than $10. Pack your own snacks and bottled water and have a mini picnic while you're there. And suck it up and hit all the really cute animals, because she’ll feel all cuddly after seeing a baby leopard.
4. If you’re not buried under a mountain of snow like Andee right now, go on a romantic hike. Bring a backpack and surprise your partner with a bottle of champagne, glasses and fresh strawberries. And if you find yourself alone in the forest with you date, remember: bears do more than just s#!t in the woods.
5. Go swimming at your local pool, lake or beach. Bring some water toys and have more fun than the kids. Laugh it up; because laughing is a significant aphrodisiac for women.
6. In the summer, beat the heat with an ice cream date. Take two scoops to the park, or take a walk downtown and go people watching. Voyeurism is very erotic.
7. Plan a cheap picnic. Go on a picnic at the beach, mountains or in your own backyard. Grab a blanket, pack a deli sandwich and a bottle of $5 wine. You might be surprised how much just a conversation can be a turn-on for a woman.
8. Take a blanket to the beach. Split your budget between a bottle of wine and cheese, then enjoy the sunset while you snuggle on a blanket. If it’s secluded enough, a late night swim might be in the cards … even better if you ‘forgot’ the swim suits.
9. Stroll through a botanical garden. Spend the day walking hand in hand through rose gardens and tropical rainforests, for less than $10 a ticket. Stop and smell the roses with her … literally and figuratively.
10. Be a kid again. Go bowling, play miniature golf, ride go-carts or play laser tag. I recently learned real golf … and if she’s game, that’s four hours in the great outdoors with lots of potential for lost balls!
11. Build a bonfire. All you need is some firewood, snacks and a drink of your choice. This is also a great opportunity to make 'smores. And that sticky goodness can be fun to lick off her fingers ;-)
12. Rent something. Go roller- or ice-skating, rent a two-seater bike and pedal through the park, or paddle a boat on a pond.
13. Go wine tasting. Most wineries charge around $5 for a tasting of five different wines - plus, you'll get to keep the glass as a souvenir of your date. Just be sincere with your intentions as you get her drunk!
14. Take a scenic drive. Pull over to have coffee and dessert at a nice cafe. Go parking somewhere and make-out like teenagers in the back seat. Sometime it leads to even better fun in the outdoors!
15. Rack 'em up at your local pool joint. With pool games costing just a few bucks, you might even have money left over to share a pitcher of beer. I love to shoot pool, especially if I’m wearing a sexy pair of boots and a favourite date-night skirt! I might even let you slide in behind me to show me that trick shot ;-)

There you go guys … borrowed dates Andee style. Go out, have fun, get some. Life should be all about that and not the stress we deal with 9-5.
Andee   xoxo

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