February 6, 2011

Attraction | Yes, I Notice Women Too

So the rumour has it that there is a football game on today … ?

I know so many of you will be entrenched in watching a bunch of men in really tight pants pile on top of each other, occasionally slapping each other on the ass - but I think your husbands will be more interested in the score of the game today!

Also a good day for me to catch my blog readers up on my 30 Favourites in 30 Days project ... so since two teams take to the field today, there's two photos for you as a pre-game report! And you think I know nothing about your favourite sport ...

Anyway, as I total misinterpret a game of football as some homo-erotic event, it brings up a really good question for me to answer today that a couple of guys have asked me while chatting about my personal homo-erotic events ... except as women we just refer them as sharing a hotel room while away at work conferences!

You have said that you are a "practicing bisexual." When you look at a woman’s body, what is it that appeals to you?

Day 7 - Gold in Montreal
In all honesty, probably the same things that guys like. But I’m also the kind of person who gets turned on by personality more than appearance. The person's inner beauty is so much more important to me. However, that’s not to say I’m not blind when it comes to attractive people of either sex.

I like someone with style...someone who knows how to dress to compliment their body shape, age and personality. Like most of you, I tend to be drawn more to notice women that are nicely dressed. The frumpy look just frustrates me.

I’m a mouth person. I’m drawn to people’s lips, teeth, gums. Hygiene goes without saying. But when I find myself attracted to a person, guy or girl, I find myself thinking about how they kiss, how their lips feel. A nice mouth is the number one thing I notice.

I think I’ve also learned from my husband to appreciate slender women. He likes people who are relatively fit – not necessarily buff – but healthy. When we talk about women we see at a club or at the mall, we always comment on their breasts, legs, hair. I like long hair on women. I don’t do short hair very well, so I think that’s where I get that preference from. Not to mention, I’m curious about how it would feel to have it tickling my thighs, or wrapping my fingers into it. These are the things I like to be done to me, so I wonder how it would be if it was reversed.

Day 8 - A Good Bra & Tight Pants
When we go to clubs, I like to dress sexy – very sexy – short skirts, close-fitting clothes. I spend so much of my real life in conservative work clothes that I like to let loose…and I like to be noticed…and since my husband buys me an awful lot of non-work clothes, I tend to dress for him. At work, when I'm on the right shift, I try as much as I can to take advantage of the opportunity to dress nicely. And it's not an awful different as to what I notice about them. When we’re out, I notice women in sexy outfits – if they have really nice legs, if they have great tits (or a GREAT bra, at least!).

I like to watch how they move, how they dance. What kind of messages they may be giving out on the dance floor. I’m a real voyeur and I often find myself getting turned on by watching other people be sexy.

In my experience of exploring my bi-curiousity/bisexuality, what really turned me on about the girlfriend I was with at the time (a story I shared earlier), was she has great breasts. Nice and perky, not too big...and my gawd, she has wonderful nipples. I think back quite a bit on that brief moment, and it always usually leads to jumping my hubby, or breaking out B.O.B. (my battery-operated boyfriend). That whole moment left me with a huge desire to explore even more...and definitely on the path of "practicing."

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