January 14, 2011

Gold Band | Naked Digits & Marital Woes

There's been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the "naked" left hand of certain celebrities - including the American First Lady. It seems that some of these women have been caught out in public - scandals abound! - without their wedding rings. 

Now, the some of news I have read stressed this "trend" as some of these women's personal statements of independence. Jennifer Lopez, who is rarely in tabloids for reasons other than marital issues once claimed her ring did not match her dress. The so-called "experts" for the dishy news simply say it showed she's having relationship problems again. Then, this past holiday season, the matrimonial/coupledoml world collapsed around Milas Kunis and Macauley Culkin, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Taylor Swift and the subject of her next pop-country single … Shakira and some Brazilian dude no one cares about … couple carnage everywhere. 

"Anytime a woman takes off her wedding ring it sends a powerful message," says a body language expert Patti Wood. "A wedding ring symbolizes your bond and union. No matter what a woman says, it is not a fashion statement. In rare cases it is because there are problems with fingers swelling or the ring being lost, but women will speak to that immediately." 

Giving some thought to Mrs. Obama ... something tells me that there's not relationship issues. Maybe it didn't fit under her new slimline leather gloves as winter smashes the east. 

As a married woman, I'm always amused by the over-analysis that goes into this. I frequently go without both my engagement and wedding ring because my work environment demands sterility, not to mention how much of a pain they are when you wear latex gloves all day. But, the perceived message from others - especially some of the men I work with - seems to automatically click to marital troubles. Of course, in moments of flirtatious delight, the lack of rings can be used as fodder. 

The funny thing about it is that there is definitely a double standard when it comes to the gold bands. My father has probably worn his wedding band a dozen times in his life. He spent his career working with his hands as a tradesman, so the ring was both a health hazard ... and a conductor! Shocking in more than one way! But, at my workplace - which is far removed from the limelight that women like JLo exist under - I frequently see known married men without wedding rings. Does that suggest marital issues? 

According to my coffee-time education, yes it does. The "experts" also suggest that when a man wears his ring it is a symbol of his bond with his wife, without it his message is "I'm open for offers." Are men in that much of a hunt? Are they seriously in perpetual motion to find the next notch on their bedpost? 

I hope not ... my husband only removes his wedding ring for hockey - but as a goalie, that ring has been bent more times from stopping slapshots than I care to remember. But if he is removing it to suggest he is open for offers ... in a dressing room full of sweaty, stinky guys; maybe there are some issues I'm not aware of! LOL 

Perhaps I'll just slip on some heels and a miniskirt, slip off the rings and head out for my own research ... I'm always game for a little exploration between the sexes! Hmm … we have a wedding to go to this weekend, so maybe I can use that a testing ground? Might be a bit of competition though. 

If you want to see me in just my wedding rings, feel free to slip on over to my website … they are one of the few things that don’t come off in my photos! 

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