January 13, 2011

Hosiery | Dressing Up My Legs

I think this probably borders on the most sexually charged, innuendo-filled conversation I’ve had to date with my Office Guys …

I made the unusual-for-me decision to wear a snazzy business suit to work. Actually, it wasn’t so much out of place, given that I had to make a presentation to my boss’ boss on a training course that I have asked to go to later this spring. I believe in good impressions start with the very fickle - but real - visual appearance. Anyway, it left me ‘stuck’ in a suit all day around a bunch of men that don’t always get to see the “dress to impress” version of me apparently. I guess scrubs just aren’t sexy.
Me in the Power Suit...

I also made the rare decision for me to wear pantyhose. Well, it is winter and life is way too chilly for bare legs and tights just don’t go with the ‘power suit’ look.

Out of all that came the question: “Pantyhose or stockings, which is better?"

Hmm … well, I lied to them with a wink saying I would never tell them if I wore stockings. Of course my answer was meant to leave them wondering - but not hard enough to blow a brain cell on it. Truthfully, it completely depends on the situation, the outfit and the prospect of what is yet to come.

I waver between understanding men’s fascination with them; mostly because even I can appreciate a great pair of legs - and if you have them why not show them off. And I’m certainly not naïve to how a skirt or dress sends you guys into a tizzy. At my work, what the women wear is one of the leading conversations among the men. Some days it makes you want to play along and be part of their conversation - let’s admit it, even in our 30s we still have a thread of vanity and desire to be the centre of attention. As a teen it was approval of our peers, as a wife and mom it is to know we are still attractive to men who aren’t married to us.
Me in Pantyhose?

So if a pair of pantyhose gets things going, why not. It’s not a perfect relationship for me … mostly because I see how incredible some other women look when they can pull off the pantyhose look. But then I remember what it’s like trying to squeeze my ass into them and then I just get bitchy jealous. The concept of bunching, rolling, runs and twisting takes over and I’m back to reality. Maybe someone could explain why they’re a big fetish to me … my Office Guys tried and then it just sunk into innuendo and suggestive jokes.

Work is the most appropriate place for pantyhose. As much as you may to fuel your imaginations with fantasies of slipping into a supply room and hiking my skirt for a little afternoon coffee break quickie, things like that are extremely rare in my real life. That’s not to say the opportunity - or invitation - has not presented itself; I’m just saying that moments like that are rare.

The thing with me and pantyhose though is that I hate them. I refer to them as sausage casings, because that is what I feel like they are. And being one of those women who fall pretty much in between sizes, there just isn’t a pair out there I have discovered that are perfect. I’ve come close a couple of times, so when it’s a necessity I don’t feel outrageously ridiculous in them.

Me in Thigh-highs?
I don’t mind tights, or some heavier versions of ‘pantyhose’ because for some reason, those seem to work for me when I’m wearing a dress or skirt. The latest look of footless tights with boots is a great example of how someone out there in fashion heaven has heard my prayers.

Now, outside of work I’m much more adventurous when my hosiery. Thigh-highs, stay-ups, stockings - whatever you want to call them - are much more in vogue with me. If I need to wear something like a cocktail or classy dress, like this past holiday season where it seemed like almost every weekend we were off to something, a pair of thigh-highs let a bit more of the adventurous me to come out and play, while still preserving enough of my reputation as a “lady.” I love how I can sexy it up between my husband and I with a pair. That way, he has something on his mind all night long … In some cases it is also exceptionally erotic to let a little flash of the lacy top slip in. I know, very cliché … but hey, I never claimed to be the inventor of the fine art of fashion flirtation; just a dedicated student of whatever it takes!

Of course, all was not lost in sexually-charged conversation today. I caught my Cute Guy from the train sneaking a peek … someone’s getting laid tonight!

PS - If you want to see some of my favourite photos from 2010, slip over to my website for a sexy peek!

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H said...

You might not like wearing them but stockings are so sexy. Have I mentioned how sexy stockings are?