April 3, 2012

TMI Tuesday | Sex On Fire

As you know, every now and then I spend a little bit of time exploring some of my thoughts to already established questions. As part of the TMI Tuesday concept, it makes it a little easier when you have an idea to explore - especially during those blogger-block moments.

Anyway, this week it was the headline that caught my attention, and I hope you will find my answers to the TMI questions to be intriguing.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions focus on sexual desire.

Answer the question: What makes you hot?
This is kind of a tough one for me because there are a number of things that really make my mind and libido wake up even before the sexual contact begins. I have a thing for men's hands, and they are usually the first thing I notice when I meet a guy. Something else that makes me notice a man is his cologne. Both my husband and my Office Guy wear cologne that make my mouth water.

When it comes to the more sexual moments, what really gets me going is a man that knows how to use those hands to make me yearn for something even more!

What is it that you want, when you look at porn?
    a. To feel happy
    b. To learn

    c. To relax, relieve tension

    d. To orgasm

I can't say that it is any of these really. Looking at porn for me borders on curiosity and research for my own website. I'm not on to use it as a stimuli for an orgasm, nor does my personal happiness revolve around it. So by default it has to be b) to learn.
You’ve been asked to be a part of a porn movie production. Which job will you do? Why did you select that?
   a. The star of the porn film – Doug Hardwicke or Fachina Istite
   b. The director – staging the scenes and directing the actors, lighting, camera shots, etc.

   c. The fluffer – you’re in charge of keeping the actors “excited” about their work

   d. The camera person getting all the tight, up in there, close shots

I'm going to say b). I already have my own porn videos available. I wouldn't mind the role of fluffer because I love oral sex, but I would not like having to "surrender" the actor before I had finished him off. Finishing a nice blow job is important to me. As for being the camera person ... I think I could get into that except I would be afraid that I would stop filming and jump in if things got too hot!

Right this very moment you are horny and are looking for a casual hookup for sex. Under which, of the following headings, would you place your ad? (w=woman, m=man, t=transexual/transvestite)
w4m, m4w, m4m, w4w, t4m, m4t, w4t, t4w, t4mw, mw4t, mw4mw, mw4w, mw4m, w4mw, m4mw, w4ww, m4mm, ww4m mm4w m4ww, w4mm
Another toughie ... but probably my choice would be w4mm. Let's be honest, if I get to choose my horny casual hookup, I'm going for the fabulous threesome I have always wanted.  

From now on, ’til the end of time you will be able to experience sexual pleasure via a single method. From the list below, choose that method. Why did you make that choice?
    a. Vaginal penetration
    b. Anal penetration

    c. Masturbation with your fingers/hand

    d. Masturbation with a single favorite sex toy. What is the toy?

    e. Being masturbated (e.g. fingered, hand-job) by the fingers/hands of another person

    f. Body Touching from another – full body massage, caressing, kneading, licking, sucking, biting, etc. but no insertion of anything in any orifices.

    g. Oral sex

Easy choice for me on this one: a). I used to be able to orgasm from penetrative sex, but when I had my children, things changed down there and it has been an adjustment to get used to not having that much sexual thrill from straight on vaginal penetration. My thrill in oral sex has always been giving it, and then, if I get to orgasm via penetration, they do have great sex toys that make it work too!

Bonus: What’s the sexiest thing you did this past weekend? Got any pics or a vid?
Hmm ... washed some of my panties? Sorry, not even close to being a sexy weekend, between working and housework. Although, I'm sure that is a fetish somewhere.
Andee     xoxo


ALuv said...

great answers!

love answer to #1 "what really gets me going is a man that knows how to use those hands to make me yearn for something even more!" mmmmmmm

and it seems neither one of us had a sexy weekend..hehe

pictures as always hot hot!!

Happy TMI Andee!!


the late phoenix said...

i still want to be one of the m in your threesome sandwich! i don't have big hands, but i do have long fingers...

thanks again for the mention, babe :)

your panties

Jack and Jill said...

We liked the amount of thought you put into your answers. Your thoughts on why "fluffer" might not be the right job for you were sensible and to an extent mirrored Jill's answer to #3. Like you, Jill wants to try an MFM, though it wasn't her first choice for #4. #5 was a really difficult one for us; we weren't sure whether to go with "c", since we wouldn't have to rely on another person, or "a", which would provide the intimacy that we so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

... I totally forgot about cologne. Or scent in general.

There was a guy in one of my classes once that smelled INCREDIBLE. Every time we ended up sitting next to each other I somehow ended up with my chair turned to face him instead of the professor.

AHubbyof2SexualMinds said...

Love the answers over all, especially how you described #5. My wife has had some of the same issues after having kids, great job!