April 4, 2012

Spiked | My Collection of Bedroom Heels

Last week I mentioned the idea how women actually do have panties that only come out off the lingerie drawer when they know sex is likely to happen. I also have no issue with admitting to owning a number of pairs, myself. Come on, if you haven't figured out by now, I love to get laid and those panties are more likely to get worn out than just worn.

I also have panties that I will wear when I have a sneaking suspicion that they may get noticed, but sex may not be on the immediate agenda ... such as those naughty little flashes to men who may not get the immediate opportunity to get their hands on them.

So it isn't that much of a stretch to accept that I also have certain shoes and boots that never come out in public - except maybe on my website.

As I mentioned just a couple days ago, I know that men tend to be visual creatures. And what the see can have a very positive effect on their libido. One of the fetishes that my husband has is a love of high heels and boots on me. In a way, I am hugely lucky because when it comes to footwear, there is rarely an argument if I want to get some new shoes ... and he also has no issues buying some for me if something catches his eye.

What that has also meant is my collection - while not quite Imelda Marcos worthy - has a substantial variety of heels, boots and somethings I don't know how to describe. Within that collection there are also some pairs that just don't make sense for the kind of work environment I spend my days in. Especially since the offline me does not really have the same brazen sexuality as the online me.

Hot pink vinyl thigh high boots just don't go with scrubs and a lab coat ... trust me.

When I started on my website, one of the first things we did was invest in some stilettos that would be a little more sexy than the normal dressy shoes I would wear to work. The heels are a little higher, which makes walking in them very difficult. Quite honestly, pretty much most of them barely have any wear on the soles. It's hard to scuff them up when they spend most of the time pointing to the ceiling.

Now, as I began to get a lot more comfortable with my sexuality and my adventure began to really take off, my personal comfort with fashion began to relax and open up. The more I stepped out of my shell and felt sexy, the more I began to explore the idea of dressing that way. My husband was a great motivator in all of this - and a tremendous shopper. He truly spoiled me as miniskirts, flirty tops, boots, dresses all began to take over my closet.

And with that came the realization that the right kind of footwear can be a great motivator towards getting laid.

So, these days I own quite a few pairs of heels and boots that I know will make the guys at work pause and look ... and the guy at home make me point them at the ceiling. Well, unless we do it doggy-style. Some heels I have discovered create the perfect angle of my butt and hips.

Here's some more sexy heels for a Happy Hump Day!
Andee     xoxo


AHubbyof2SexualMinds said...

Love the post and like your husband I love heels as well. There are several pairs that my wife has that have very little tread as well!

Through The Eye of a Cock said...

Great shots, very nice blog.

Andee said...

@AHubby - thank you so much .. and especially for all the great comments the past couple days!

@Through The Eye - and thank you too for saying so. Hope you visit again!