February 9, 2012

Sex | Ways To Get Busy Before You Die

Sweet, by the time quite a few of you get this one, my blog will have passed 100,000 views. I have no idea if that is good, bad or somewhere in between, but I thought it was pretty darn impressive given that this is pretty much my personal diary of my sexual adventure and I didn't expect much.

Anyway, if you're one of 100,000 views (well, that's silly to say), thank you for spending a bit of your time here. I sure hope you have enjoyed my ramblings...

On my morning break the other day I was reading a cute little article about the kinds of sex every woman should have before she settles down. I'd like to say it was enlightening, but it was nothing more than the usual fare: break-up sex, vacation sex, public sex ... yada yada sex.

Gotta love the "expert" advice the bitter and jaded editors of trashy women's magazines tend to source.

As I was sharing some of ideas within the article with one of my coworkers, it came to me that a better idea would be to write something about the kinds of sex you should have before you die ... well, according to Andee, at least. I'm certain there are a lot women out there who still believe Sex In The City was a documentary.

And so I started to tap into my own sexually distracted mind to come up with some concepts on the variety of ways you should get busy before you die. I'll be honest that most of this list is built on sex after you are in a committed relationship, but if you can get it while you're single, more power to you! The idea of getting some of it after marriage just adds to the kink level ...

Voyeur Sex
This could also be called exhibitionist sex, but I'm not talking about doing it in public places were you may or may not be caught by innocent passers-by. Surely you accomplished that in high school, or as a "late bloomer" in your college years and hoped that your roommate was asleep.

Voyeur sex is what my husband and I set for when we first dipped our naked toes into the steamy waters of "swinging." Best described as "watching and being watched," voyeur sex does not involve climbing on someone else's husband for a reverse cowgirl ride to paradise. Instead, it involves doing the reverse cowgirl, doggy, what-have-you, while another couple is only inches away; hopefully enjoying the whole show.

Sex-Toy Sex ... with someone there
Lying in bed at home playing with yourself is an awesome to relieve some stress and bring about sexual relief, but the excitement level is enhanced ten-fold when you open up one of your most intimate moments to someone without fondling distance.

Far too many women believe that their sex toys are best left in the night stand for those moments when the hubby is at work or in Bismark on business. When the flames of passion are barely fluttering like a pilot light on the water heater, one of the easiest - and truly erotic - experiences you can share is the orgasmic show of bringing yourself to the height of toe-curling sexual ecstacy. Add to his thrill by implementing a no-touch rule - or try my favourite and have him slide his fingers into you and rub your g-spot as you cum.

Same-Sex Sex
I will be perfectly honest here - because I know a healthy majority of my readers are guys - I am really talking about girl-on-girl same-sex sex. My own personal fetishes don't revolve around watching two guys in the heat of passion ... well, unless I am firmly sandwiched in the middle of them (more on that below).

I know that a vast majority of men enjoy the idea of two women enjoying each other. And after a few years of quietly being curious about why, I had the opportunity to confirm those curiosities. Deliciously worth the experience.

Really Kinky Sex
I'm not talking about using a orgasm-approved sex toy or an ice cube, but something really out of the ordinary. And on the flip side, that doesn't necessarily mean bondage straps and meat hooks either.

Because everyone has a different version of kink (trust me, I've learned that rubber clothing and hoods are considered normal in some circles), the idea here is to push the limits of your own comfort zone towards something exceptionally erotic and exhilerating.

In my sexual experience so far, I have dabbled with a variety of relatively kinky things, from a sex swing and light bondage (kinky to some) through to a foursome and uncovering my bisexuality (kinky to others). But, I think I am going to say that this remains something I am in pursuit of.

Threesome Sex
Perched high on my personal bucket list, this is something that is a purely selfish sex act ... and one that should be added to everyone's "must do" list. I'm not fussy if your own fantasy is two hot blondes from the Swedish Bikini Volleyball Team, or your spouse and that friend you think would be game, if you are able to wrap your brain around the idea of being the object of two other people's desire then it is worth exploring.

My personal fantasy involves my husband and another man ravishing my naked body and bringing me to the point of orgasmic exhaustion. But, for the record, it remains a fantasy ... for now.

Bonus: Dangerous Sex
Hard to define, because like "kinky," everyone has different perceptions of what is and is not dangerous. And, let's be clear: dangerous does not equal unsafe. Playing with fire is good when dribbling candle wax on your nipples, but putting your health at risk is not what sex should be about.

Truth be told, I'm not even certain of my own territory here. Perhaps something that involves a night of unbridled debauchery at a place like Hedonism?

Anyone have some truly erotic ideas?
Andee     xoxo

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miles said...

Given your last two posts, this quote from Cornelia Otis Skinner might be appropriate:

Women keep a special corner of their hearts for sins they have never committed.