February 22, 2012

Masturbation | Driving Me To The Edge

I was chatting with a friend about how I occasionally battle blogger's block when trying to come up with something intriguing for you guys to read each week. And so when he posed this question, I thought it was a real coincidence because it wasn't all that long ago that my husband and I were having a bit of tormenting fun in the bedroom when I dished on this idea:

Have you ever masturbated while driving, if so what did you use to stimulate yourself?

The little game my husband and I were playing a little round of "tell me something I don't know." Basically, we rely on the heightened level of emotion and intimacy to share little bits about our sex life that the other person doesn't know ... or isn't supposed to but may suspect. For example, my husband admitted that he could tell when I had masturbated by sneaking the occasional peek into the drawer on my night table where I keep my favourite sex toy. It's a great way to keep the communication going, while having one hell of a steamy romp in the sheets.

It's usually during these moments when I learn an awful lot about the male psyche and their obsession with all things sex. Such is the ultimate power that comes with being talented when it comes to fellatio.

Anyway, as this particular session focused a lot on sharing about masturbation, I admitted when he asked me about the last time I masturbated outside of the house that I have enjoyed a bit of self-loving while driving to work. Given that part of my commute has me on a major highway with a lot of truck traffic, the exhibitionist in me delights in the opportunity to put a smile on some trucker's face.

While I may be enjoying my sexual prime, and the adventure that it has been bringing, I am still very much a safety girl ... sort of. Masturbation behind the wheel for me involves only what I have on hand in the car. In other words, only my fingers (so far). The minor disclaimer is that I, as a passenger, have rocked my O-face with the delightful vibrations of a sex toy.

Of course, the sheer thrill of that exhibitionism also serves to improving my wardrobe: by making wearing skirts even more exciting.

Now I wonder just how many of those big rig guys have a thing for stockings ...
Andee     xoxo


Jack and Jill said...

Very exciting! I don't masturbate much while driving, as I imagine I'd be far too distracted. But anytime we're on a road trip, the second the baby falls asleep in the back seat, I'm masturbating in the passenger seat. I do enjoy the thrill of possibly being seen.


Andee said...

Oh, it's definitely one of those distracted moments. The couple times I have done this, it has been for a little traffic amusement as I find it too hard to reach the point I want to while trying to keep my car on the road ;-)

Much better in the passenger seat...although it distracts my driver a lot.