February 24, 2012

All Dressed Up

February turned out to be one of those months where hibernation just wasn't possible. Normally we hide indoors because here in Canada February is typically when the temperature drops to a miserable level and there's just nothing sexy about it.

But this year things have been much different thanks to some bizarre weather. It's actually turned out to be a very socially busy month, with no signs of stopping as we hit the last weekend! Tonight my husband is taking me to an event in the city that we always enjoy - especially because it is strictly about sex. Sexapolooza is a consumer trade show featuring pretty much all things related to getting busy, and a wide variety of kinks. It's usually an expensive night for me ...

Then tomorrow we are attending a party for a friend's birthday - once again, a chance to get out and let loose. So, it was a little timely that an online friend asked me this a while ago ... and now I get to share my answer.

When you go to a party, would you rather show up accidentally under-dressed or overdressed?

I have to say, I would rather be caught overdressed for any event - party or otherwise. And that's a stretch, because I also believe that you can't really be overdressed for anything if you have a sense of style and the confidence to carry it off.

Obviously there will always be those people who will awkwardly point out the obvious: "What are you all dressed up for?" To which I find a good reply is: "After the party, my husband is taking me to meet some well-endowed stud at a ritzy hotel for a night of ..."

You get the idea.

Most social situations will allow for someone who has put forth a bigger effort in their appearance. I'm not about to slip on my sexiest LBD to head out for a night of drinks and conversation at the neighbours, but I would definitely not hit the fundraiser gala scene in my work scrubs and no make-up.

As a woman, dressing up is something deeply attached to our childhood and our innocent fantasies. It's why we played "dress up" as little girls. Now as adults we get to slip on that gorgeous dress and be a "princess" for a night. Not in attitude, just to be the woman that turns heads when she walks into the room.

Plus there is the "adult" side of it too. We get to, maybe, wear those really sexy panties and knock-out heels for a night; whisper into our date's ear about whether or not the panties will stay on until we get home, or if he can hold on to them for us. And don't kid yourself, every woman who has ever slipped on a sexy dress wants to catch a man other than her date checking her out ... for me, that is a huge reward for the night because it touches me both in an self-esteem building way knowing I can still attract a man's attention, and it hits me right between my legs because I also like to know that maybe he is thinking something naughty too.

Of course sometimes where I live, over-dressed is a necessity - such as parkas, mukluks and mittens. But that might just be a stereotype of how cold Canada gets in the winter.

In reality, I'm not the kind of person who gets caught in the idea of being "overdressed" too often. In my real life, I'm actually a very casual person ... much to my husband's frustration. He's the kind of man who has a sense of fashion and wishes I would push the limits a bit every now and then.

Although, it has been working for me at work lately ...
Andee     xoxo

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