November 28, 2011

Sex | Planes, Trains or Automobiles?

I hope all my American friends had an awesome Thanksgiving. I was surprised to learn that quite a few of you did not realize that up here in the Great White North that we celebrate the holiday on a different date. Ours is always in October, on a weekend…and normally we get the Monday as a holiday.

Either way, it’s all about family, friends and the opportunity to reflect on the blessings we have in our lives.

So, as I was spending my “Black Friday” working diligently on a new update for my website and answering a few e-mails, I found this one that kind of fit for a little bigger idea in my mind - especially since it was about my blog and many of you may have been travelling this past weekend.

You’ve blogged about all three…but which comes first? Plane, train or automobile?

Before I dish on my thoughts, let me just clarify that, while I find both men extremely funny, neither Steve Martin or the late John Candy really do it for me.

Having said that, you may remember that I have shared my experiences with you about sex in motion. The automobile scenario is something that I have actually experimented with, and so in a way, it counts as which comes first - but at the same time, doesn’t.

Looking at which engine-powered sex experience I would like to complete, I have to admit that the thought of joining the Mile High Club is the most exciting to me. The downside is that I am not a very good air traveller and tend to fight anxiety and motion sickness when I do fly. Having said that, I wonder if the idea of a sexual interlude might distract me from those fears?

How erotic and exciting would it be to fulfill that fantasy of meeting some handsome stranger on the plane, spend a little time chatting in our seats and then finding our way to the bathroom where we could perform some sexual origami?

As I mull over these erotic thoughts, I already have my travel clothes picked out …

Then, as someone who regularly takes a commuter train, I find myself intrigued with finding out if the “Corridor Club” really exists. Fashioned after the famous Mile High Club, rumour has it this select group of people have hooked up in the toilets on the train. The upside to this idea is that most of the cars on the train I take have larger washrooms than those on an airplane, so the comfort level of sex while riding the rails is higher.

As most of the guys who follow my naughty thoughts on Twitter know, I already invest a significant amount of my morning trip drooling over my Cute Guy, and enjoyed some fantasy thoughts this summer over a Sexy Blonde. Do I have the flirtatious talent to convince my fantasy friends to join me? Not sure, but if you look at things from that perspective, I have my options lined up should either care to meet me in the loo!

Which brings me to “auto erotic” encounters…I think that out of the three, this may rank lowest on my list of “set my motor running” experiences because of the simple fact that it is the one that has the greatest chance of happening. I’ve already tested the experience with a few different sex acts: a couple years ago with giving my husband a blowjob while he drove, and most recently a sex toy fun-filled trip home from the Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto.

What has not yet been fulfilled is the ultimate experience of intercourse while someone else drives.

Anyone have their chauffeur’s license and a dashboard mounted camera?
Andee     xoxo

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