November 26, 2011

My Blog | Some Sexy New Additions

Hey guys, so I enlisted the help of my I.T. specialist to add a few new things to my blogging experience. I have no idea if some of them will mean much to anyone, but hey ... someone suggested a couple new concepts to me and I am running naked through the chilly Canadian streets with them!

Ok, maybe not really running naked through the streets ... but I think you probably like the idea.

For anyone who is really into the techno side of life, I have this thing that looks like a big pixel smudge on here now. I guess they are called QR codes and I have no idea how they really work, but what I do know is that if you have a scanning program, it will take you to my website, which is kind of cool. Now, I am being a little sarcastic in that ... I do know that these new things work like a barcode. Anyway, they seem to be the latest thing for helping people get around the Internet, and I have one to call my own. Just don't expect me to get a tattoo of it any time soon.

Also, with my lust for well-written erotica, and my frequent mentioning of how much I like to read, it seems that some of you want to write some just for me. I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to put their creative juices to work, and so I have created a whole new blog just for those erotic stories. If naughty words gets you going, I hope you will take the time to slip on over to this newest chapter in my sexual adventure. Just to make it easy, I've added a link!

Have an awesome weekend!
Andee     xoxo

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