November 14, 2011

30-Day Sex Challenge - Day 9: Glass Toy Fun

A rare Monday off for me led to some steamy afternoon fun. My husband informed me this morning that he would be working from home and that there would some sexual action going down.

Given that I had a few things to get done, plus my already-scheduled gym date, meant that we would be hooking up at lunch time. Normally when we are home together on weekdays, we get up to a few other kinds of naughty fun, photo sessions or videos. It's not very often that we schedule sex...but I'll take what I can get.

A while back I was telling you about a certain toy that I had bought at the Everything To Do With Sex Show. I wasn't sure that I would be all that into glass, but agreed to give it a try for the sake of my adventure. I now wonder why I was so reluctant...oops! That would be suggesting I tried this toy on my own.

Um...well, it's not going to sit in my nightstand with all those other toys and not get any action.

Well, today when we got into bed and began with some inspiring foreplay, my husband said he wanted me to get my toy out and make sure that I came first. So, as I was beginning to really enjoy myself with my old stand-by Pocket Rocket, he slid the glass dildo into me. The incredible sensation of it sliding across my g-spot brought me to an incredible orgasm - twice.
Andee     xoxo

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