November 14, 2011

Relationships | Get Her In The Mood

An online friend of mine was asking some advice about how to get his wife a little more into the mood and if there were some tricks or techniques that he could employ.

Now, despite what you guys read on here and in my Tweets, my life is not is this great swirling sexual tornado. I have many days when I am just too exhausted to be the sexual dynamo that may come across in these blogs.

There are no guaranteed ways to get a woman in the mood. You have to think of the whole thing as a bit of an investment. It takes time and sincerity.

For example, a lot of guys think that buying their wives sexy underwear will lead to some smoking sex. Well, that is the stereotype that far too many guys fall for. If your wife does not wear a thong on a normal day, why would she start butt-flossing now? I know a lot of women swear by them, but I personally don't find them very sexy. Or, at least, they don't make me feel sexy...and thankfully my husband has come to understand that when he buys me naughty panties.

How much better would something like this work: take her shopping for new knickers. Ditch whatever silly notion you have as a guy about going into a lingerie store, and spend an hour in there with her. Whisper in her ear what you would like to see her in…when she picks up samples of different styles, whisper really naughty things to her about how certain panties peel off easier than others, or how you’d like to slip you hand down the front of her jeans and into those ones. Tell her how you would like to steal a little upskirt panty peek at the start of the day to see which sexy knickers she is wearing, and then find them tucked in your briefcase, laptop bag, lunch pail, etc.

The trick is to spend time, away from the house, and begin the process of teasing her mind. Women want a guy who is going to be able to get inside her head and make love to her mind as much as her body. We have very active imaginations that need to be teased, taunted, stroked, fingered … whatever you want to call it.

I can’t tell you how hot and bothered it makes me when my husband spends a day sending me naughty texts. I’m not talking about dirty, dirty stuff. I’m talking about a lot of innuendo and suggestively erotic messages. Think ‘a romance novel in 140 characters.’

After a whole day of this, I am ready to skip dinner and head straight to the sheets.

As you may be able to see from all of this, women need to get their mind into the moment, have the imagination fueled up and their self-esteem stroked. We’re not as easily seduced by the visual element like men, and as such, need to have more of our mind and body engaged in the act.
Andee     xoxo

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