October 10, 2011

My Blog Is My Sex Journal

Someone asked me about finding the courage to open up to my husband about a lot the crazy ideas that go on in my mind. When you do look back at the things that I have written here, and on my Twitter, you begin to see that we do have a somewhat unusual relationship when it comes to be open with sex.

Our relationship didn't exactly begin this way. We were like every other couple next door. We had our ups and downs, good moments and, unfortunately, our bad moments. There was a time, in the first couple years of our relationship, when it even looked like things would end up like the other 51 per cent of marriages...

But we did something more bizarre than a lot of other couples would ever think: we worked at it...and worked at it...and worked at it.

One of the first things we did was sit down with a big bottle of wine and talked...naked.

I still remember the first time my husband asked me if I would consider writing a sex journal. It was one of the ideas we had learned from a book we had read, and as we're both big on the writing and reading, it seemed kind of fun. It was also the idea of sharing ideas that I was still a little nervous about saying face-to-face. At that point I wasn't ready to dish on such fantasies of wild and orgasmic threesomes, exploring with another woman...or even launching a website (although that did come out of these moments). Writing down sexual thoughts would open the door to being able to introduce new adventures into our sex life.

Now, truth be told, it was also a huge struggle as I tried to discover the confidence and ways to express the naughty things that went on in my head, but it was a good start. And like a lot of things, that sex journal didn't really last. I think it's still sitting around somewhere with a lot of empty pages. But that isn't to say I gave up on the naughty thoughts, I just found the confidence to talk about them instead of writing them down.

Jump ahead from those days to one year ago...

My blog has become that sex journal I started. I admit it was kind of strange at first, but then it quickly grew into an obsession. These days it has become such an extension of my imagination that I feel truly guilty when I go a couple days without blogging.

And, so I won't suggest this is the answer...BUT...what I am seeing is how the idea of writing about my sexual adventure has allowed it to evolve. And the conversations that go with the writing and reading...um...you can use your imagination there.
Andee     xoxo

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