October 4, 2011

Sex | The 30-day Challenge

You know that I have this thing for trashy women’s magazines. I love the distraction that they offer, and sometimes I think I need the cynic in me stirred up a bit. But to be fair, every now and then these magazines come up with some interesting and intriguing ideas.

Just the other day I was reading an article on strategies to avoid the “cheating temptation” in your relationship. I could go on at length with my own perspective, but I think you know where I would go with that - especially since I have touched on it before in some of my blogs. And no, I wasn't reading the article for personal direction.

However, in this recent article, there was some advice that made me sit there and go “hmm…”

The article was suggesting couples try a 30-day sex challenge to keep things steamy - and supposedly prevent sexual straying:

“Whether your sex life is currently hot or not, commit to naughty time 30 days in a row. And don't just stick to your standard routines either: Use this challenge to, well, challenge yourselves. Consider visits to sex shops for toy purchases, thumbing through kama sutra manuals for new position inspiration, experimenting with lotions and potions, watching porn together and more!”

Well, now you’re talking.

I'm seriously considering trying something like this in my own relationship, but not because I think it needs any kind of relationship repair, but because if I can get busy for 30 straight days...well, why the heck not!

So, now I turn to you guys - and let's try to come up with some real ideas here - what things should I include over a span of 30 days that is different every day?
Andee     xoxo


H said...

I think that is a great idea, I love the 30-day sex challenge. This would be great for a marriage providing the sex is with your spouse :)

Anonymous said...

Play out a fantasy: my favourite is getting her to play the role of a hooker/lap dancer and we arrange to meet in a hotel room. Nothing beats the anticipation and thrill of knowing you're about to have a great time with a sexy woman, and it sure does wonders when you play it out with the partner!

Randy said...

Dinner at a nice restaurant.
Wife wearing short classy skirt with stockings and glasses
flirting at dinner with nice wine
sex somewhere on the premises!