October 24, 2011

Just An Average Couple

For anyone who also follows me on Twitter, you already know that on the weekend my husband and I headed downtown for the Everything To Do With Sex Show. It's a consumer trade show that we attend pretty much every year, pick up a couple new outfits and fun things for the bedroom, and all that good stuff.

Panties? Or no panties?
This year was especially entertaining...but that had more to do with the ride home than the show itself. More on that later...

One of the comments I made to him, as we walked the aisles of the show - and good on the organizers because it was quiet busy this year - was that, for whatever reason, I noticed how everyone there was just an average couple like us. Young and old, hot and sexy - and not. And I'm sure there are a few with secrets like mine, but otherwise it was a group of everyday people exploring and sharing their sexual health.

In a strange way, I thought that was a really good sign that there are couples out there that want to enjoy their own sexual adventures, and are willing to openly talk about the things that turn them on - like a little role-playing, or sex toys or (naughty girlish giggle) bondage. It made me feel more comfortable in my own desires - not that I needed to, but I think you know what I mean. When you set out on this kind of adventure, be it to discover your own sexuality, accept your fantasies or try to make them realities, you sometimes have that sense of "am I the only one?"

Of course, the big question is: What did Andee get?

Well, the outfits will allow me to play out a few new sexy updates with more of a storyline behind them. That seems to be something you guys enjoy more when it comes to a photo set. I will keep you thinking on what those outfits are until they make an appearance on my website.

But perhaps the biggest leap for me is that after years of exploring with nice "somewhat realistic fake penises," I bought my first glass dildo. In past I was a little reluctant to try glass, just because it seems to be a bit of the unknown for me...the durability I mean. Rubber dildos can fly around the bedroom, bounce off the floor or night stand and not get damaged. Glass? I guess I will just have to be a bit more cautious ;-)

And nothing is ever tame with me...my husband told me as we were heading down to the show that he was looking for something to replace the little vibrating backdoor toy that makes an appearance every now and them when I want that incredible sensation in both. So, now I am the horny owner of a glass anal toy...product review to follow at a later date!

Now, back to the car ride home. Before we left the show, I slipped into the bathroom and removed my panties. I had intended just to tease my hubby a little, thinking we would get all worked up and by the time we get home be ready for some wild sex. Wouldn't you know that downtown traffic on a Saturday was insane...and it took almost two hours just to get out onto the expressway.

At first, my husband was teasing me by gently stroking my thigh just at the hem of my skirt. I wasn't sure if he suspected anything about my lack of panties, but it was driving me crazy waiting for his hand to get high enough up. This went on for a good 20 minutes before he finally slipped his hand all the way up. By then I was already turned on, and it was very obvious...and it's moments like this when I love the Brazilian waxing.

So, as traffic barely turtles along, he starts really playing with my pussy. And he's not one to just sit and nonchalantly fondle me...he likes to mess with my mind at the same time, telling me as people are walking past on the sidewalk, just a couple feet from our vehicle. Then he wonders out loud if the people in the car beside us can see in...all those thoughts and ideas that hits on my exhibitionist thrill.

This goes on...I kid you not...for a good hour. And we only went a couple city blocks with people everywhere outside the car. So, by the time we hit the expressway, I've had it. I am so horny and turned on that I need some serious relief.

One of the little things we had bought is a mini-hitachi. We got it because it is small and very quiet...something I need for a little later adventure...but it was out of the package and onto my pussy in a hurry. And to add to it, I'm pretty sure one truck driver got a nice peek. It had to be obvious something was going on, when you see a woman with both stilettos pressed against the windshield.

I'll save my after-party sex experience with you in an upcoming Fantasy Friday, but just so you know, the sex fun did not stop with an orgasm at 100km/h...

Speaking of stilettos, don't miss today's Miniskirt Monday update...sexy gold sequin top and tiny white mini.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

your so sexy.... wink

Andee said...

Thank you so much again sweetie...nice to know you think so! xoxo

miles said...

You generated smiles by bringing back the memories of a similar "fingering incident" while working our way into the Lincoln Tunnel years ago. It is/was fun, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.


Andee said...

Thank you Miles, a big part of the fun for me is knowing that there are some people that will remember those days, share ... and heck, maybe even repeat! I'm sure I will ;-)