October 21, 2011

Fantasy Friday | The Hotel Lounge

I think a lot of women have the fantasy about a singles bar pickup. Not so much about the cheesy lines a guy uses, but sort of around the idea on meeting a mysterious and delicious stranger at a bar, sharing some innuendo-filled conversation and then a nightcap somewhere private.

For me, this fantasy has been one of those that has dangled closely to the edge of reality. And so, with my own personal experience just a hint of bravery away from actually happening, it means this is something very fresh and exciting for me.

It is also something that has allowed me to lay in bed some nights, close my eyes and let my fingers do some serious business to the naughty bits of my body.

I hope you will slip over to my Fantasy Friday page and maybe even imagine yourself in the role of mysterious stranger at the hotel lounge!
Andee     xoxo


H said...

Dressed like that, Andee, I drop to my knees begging you for a taste, a touch.. :)

Andee said...

Well, I have my top buttoned up a little more than it is here...but that is the outfit from that night.