May 13, 2011

Sex | A Sympathetic Lay

Have you ever been in a situation where you have agreed to something just for the sake of either keeping the peace or making someone else really happy?

I got this question quite a long time ago - when I had a different blog - and the first time I posted this, it made me laugh. It's still something that I have to admit made me laugh out load when I re-read it. The guy who had sent was a long-time chatroom friend and we had a bunch of fun when that was were I spent most of my online life … and so, I’m not sure if the answer has changed much, but I won’t say it couldn’t.

Have you ever thrown someone a sympathy lay? And if so, how can I get one?

No, I've never thrown anyone a sympathy lay, but I sure could use one every now and then myself.

I know I'll get a few volunteers out of that but the truth is my sex life has been pretty limited in terms of the number of partners I've had. By the time I went away to college, I was already engaged to be married … and I've never considered any of the sex I've had with my husband as sympathy. Although, I could say the guy I lost my virginity to was close to needing a sympathy lay...and no, I'm not bitter :-)

Having said all that, the past 10 years has been a wild and exciting ride for me. Does that mean my outlook on sympathy sex has changed? I can’t say it has - but I definitely think my perspective on the number of partners is evolving!

Random Thoughts
And while we are on the subject of sex … can you suggest a better topic? Tomorrow marks 17 years of marriage for me. I know I have dished an awful lot about what goes on in our bedroom and lifestyle, but today I just wanted to touch on a little reason as to why.

I grew up with a very traditional, straight-forward environment. I still think there are some days when I am really na├»ve about a lot things. My hubby still giggles about the time, when I was working a different job before getting  into my career, a guy asked me if I was up for lunch sometime. I just assumed he meant on a friendly basis … which he did, only his friendly meant with benefits. I was mortified … and slightly embarrassed … when my husband enlightened me on how married guys generally don’t ask out married women on lunch dates.

But silly moments like that are what have brought me to things like considering offering up sympathy lays, dressing up like a slutty schoolgirl for a theme at nightclub, or having our cute 15-year-old female babysitter comment on how short my skirt is for "just dinner" …

If there is one thing that you guys (and girls) can take from this nonsense of mine is that for 17 years we have found the ability to laugh at ourselves … and each other in non-hurtful ways. If you ask me, the secret to a good marriage is lots of laughs. But just be careful about when you laugh during sex … timing is crucial, if not sympathetic!

Have fun this weekend, I know I will in the boots you guys have chosen for me in my little anniversary poll. I promise to post some pics, and join me for my Sexy Sunday update. Who knows, I may have a new adventure to tell you all about!

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

Congrats on 17 years of marriage, it must be because of that brown velvet dress, damn I like that picture.

No since you have had such a fantastic 17 years can you throw me a sympathy lay?.... please