May 16, 2011

Sex Online | Things I Won't Do

I get my fair share of requests for certain sexual things and favours because of my website. It kind of comes with the territory of doing amateur porn; and some people may not see the truth behind the messages that I send out.

Some of the models on the overall Southern Charms website do offer more “sexual services” as part of what they do (seriously, it’s no secret - look around). From simple phone sex or webcam services through to escorting, it can be found if you explore thoroughly enough.

I was having a chat with someone online that believed this to be the case of pretty much any amateur model on the site. It was his impression that we are all just lonely, horny women that want to exchange sex for money in the guise of a paid membership. His attitude was that, since I had previously ran Meet Me Auctions - where you could win a chance to meet me, go out on a date and have some fun where it was clear no sex would happen - that I should just make myself available to come to see him for sex. And when the answer to that was satisfactory enough, he asked how much instead just for a blowjob ... I guess no one said there would be any respect in the pursuit of sexual adventures.

Years ago something like this would piss me off … but I have come to accept that some people out there just don’t get it. They think because we are not Playboy centerfolds that we all must be just “whores and hookers.”

But my intention isn’t to get on the soapbox for that … I’ve learned that the Internet has become a marvellous tool for adventure, but also a great mask for the small-minded to hide behind. So with that said, I’m going to point out the things I won’t do online … just sayin’ …

Five Things You Won't See
1. Photos of my weekend exploits - while I would love to invite you along to see some of the great exploits I have had so far, I won't be posting photos anytime soon. First, the rules of my website and model releases would really put a damper on the mood by the time all the paperwork was signed. Not to mention some places just don't allow cameras to be included as sex toys!

2. Things that might be considered offensive - I’ve had guys ask me to do videos of me enjoying some of my toys and say some racially offensive things while I do.

3. Things that might be considered offensive, Part 2 - anything involving animals.

4. Arrange random meetings - In past I have offered my fans/members a way to meet me through a date auction. This had absolutely nothing to do with sex, and the rules clearly state that. Now, I’m not na├»ve enough to think that there are some out there that are thinking “hypocrite” right now because of my win-a-date contests, but keep in mind, many celebrities do the exact same thing. Do you assume that if you won that date last year with Jessica Alba that she would be sleeping with you after dinner? Am I Jessica Alba? Not even close … but the concept was created as a way to connect with you guys in a controlled and legal way.

5. Webcamming - for me this is a "been-there, done-that" thing. Years ago I would spend a lot of my evenings on a thing called PalTalk, hanging out in chatrooms, flirting, flashing, cyber-sexing, all that good stuff. It was very fun, it was very exhilarating ... and there are some things that went on that even my hubby doesn't know about yet. But these days I don’t have the time, and it doesn’t really hold the same attraction and excitement for me anymore. As my family has grown older and more inquisitive, it has become much harder to be that "cyber" girl I used to be.

So there you go guys ... hopefully that doesn't shatter any beliefs you may have had.

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

I love how small your list is :)

You should have only one rule, you only do what you want.