May 12, 2011

A Dare | New Garter Belt & Stockings

I got up this morning with good intentions of posting a somewhat thoughtful blog. I had this plan, some images picked and my morning coffee finished off. Then my other half hit … like a devious whirling dervish. It seems he has far too much time on his hands to come up with little ‘dares’ for me.
Sexy Fredericks Of Hollywood Stockings

OK, a bit of back-story to all this.

When I first started the whole online photo experience, it came as a bit of a ‘dare.’ I may have mentioned that in a previous blog, but basically it boiled down to posting some sexy, mostly nude shots of me on a free voyeur-type website. The ‘dare’ was if those first few tame images received some positive comments, then I would agree to post some more risqué ones.

Well, I think you know how that turned out …

So anyway, the other day we had the chance to shoot a new photo update for my website. In the session I was wearing a sexy little garter belt and pair of stockings that my online friend had sent to me. He has sent me a few different gifts, ranging from some great lingerie to this delicious BBC dildo that has fast become a bedroom favourite. These are really sexy … and I commented to my horny photographer how much I loved the stockings. It’s hard to find some that don’t feel like sausage casings if you are bigger than the Size minus-2 stick-figure models used in the catalogue.

As we shot the pics, it’s obvious (now) that my husband’s typical male brain kicked into orgasmic high gear … and I awoke today to a new ‘dare.’ The catch is, in this sexual adventure of ours, that we have agreed on certain things we want to try, certain things we must try, certain things that send the mind into overdrive when we’re having dirty sex, certain things that aren’t realistic – you get the idea. But, since it was a dare that got us here, the one thing we agreed on was when a proper dare was issued it had to be followed. And, while it sounded fun at the time way back when, it turns out I didn’t think it through properly.

So here I sit this morning, thinking this is kind of like that scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s friend sticks his tongue to a frozen flag pole. My husband skipped the double-dog dare – a breach of dare etiquette – and went straight to “the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare.”

Not Many Firsts
I can tell you that there are not many “firsts” left in life. Most of those that have not yet happened are perfectly fine not happening, if you ask me. There’s a difference between ‘dares’ and ‘danger.’ No danger today, unless you count the risk of absolute embarrassment in front of my coworkers and a lasting reputation to eclipse the comfort zone of “shameless flirt” that I already occupy.

For the first time in my life … with the exception of my wedding day, when sexy lingerie is pretty much accepted if not required … I am wearing a garter belt and stockings for something other than a photo shoot and sex. And while I know that this may not be so outrageously uncommon, there is a catch in my case: someone during my day – a man – must find out that I am wearing them, either by stolen glimpse or blatant flash. I have until my evening train arrives back at the station and I head for home. I can’t show a girlfriend in the locker room … the gay nurse doesn’t count … nope, some hardened hetrosexual man must see all the way to the top of my stocking, to where the garter is attached.

Good fricken’ lord …

Of course, while there are probably hundreds of women that do this daily (maybe not the revealing part), for someone who lives two distinct lives it becomes a closer meshing of the two. The idea of bringing this kind of lingerie into my daily life is about the psychological thrill ... stepping out of my comfort zone of lab clothes and running shoes, even in such a small way, adds an element of thrill and fun.

Maybe some like the thrill of a roller coaster, and others the thrill of a scary movie ... but anytime you can engage the imagination in whatever way works for you is a good thing.

If you want to keep track of my little antics today, I’ll be posting a running commentary on my Twitter account, as per the rules of the dare.

Wish me luck …

Andee     xoxo

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H said...

I love garter belt and stockings. I love the garter belt and stockings on you. I think your game is very erotic. I will spend the rest of the day looking to discover your wearing them. Your very sexy beautiful.