May 20, 2011

Flirting | More Friday Fun

Good morning! As you may have been following along, last week my husband issued a bit of a challenge to me after I did a new photo shoot in some stockings that an online friend had sent to me. So I spent last the work day doing something that I do not normally do ... in fact, had never done.

In the end, not sure a big deal, really. But for me a very exciting way to share a few moments will you guys.

Following this up, a few other crazy things have taken place at home because of it ... and you will read more about that later. It's one of those blogs that takes me a bit to write because I have to keep stopping to ... um ... collect my thoughts.

Last night, as I was sitting on my train for another uneventful trip home, that delusional guy of mine apparently had a bit too much time on his hands too. I made the mistake the informing him that my shift rotation had changed for today, giving him that window of opportunity.

And so here we are today ...

Different game ... a bit of a change in the rules:

Three days off = three guys between now and by the time to first glass of wine gets poured tonight need to say something sexual. Doesn't seem to be that difficult right? Except I have to encourage them to say something sexual specifically about me, to my face. And that means playing the flirting game at a new level ...

Not so easy ...

And a little disturbed if I must say.

Andee     xoxo

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