May 23, 2011

Miniskirts | Too Old For Short Hems

Hey guys! Up here it's a holiday Monday, so I finally get a chance to enjoy an extra day off. Sadly, it's a typical day here too, thanks to Mother Nature dishing out a constant flow of rain.

But it's still Miniskirt Monday on my blog! This time, I'm going back to a work conference in Montreal for the photo ... and a little over exposure as you can see. I have no idea if anyone in the office tower across the way could see into my room as I did a midday photo shoot, but I like to imagine that maybe someone may have noticed!

I read this article over the weekend about a British survey where the women polled said that age 35 is the appropriate age for women to stop wearing miniskirts. Puh-leese ...

Does anyone else see this as just another point of how we allow "societal mores" to tell us what is right?

Now, I do agree that there does come a time when, as individuals, we need to police our fashion choices. Look at the '80s. But, if you have the ability to pull it off with confidence, then why do would we need benchmarks to say, "sorry, you're too old?" A great pair of legs is a great pair of legs - whether they are 20 or 50 ... and heck, if grandma's got it going on, why not 60?

Besides, a great pair of legs under a short hemline is good for the economy:

American Economist George Taylor first coined the term "hemline theory" in the 1920s, to illustrate the relationship between hemlines and stock market performance. This latest "corporate twist" on that is, throughout history, there has been a correlation between skirt lengths and the strength of the economy. Hemlines rose in the Roaring 20s with the rising stock prices. The 1930s market crash fashion featured long skirts. And miniskirts flooded the runways during the economic boom in the 80s. History suggests that as skirt lengths rise, so does the stock market ... among other things.!
Oh, and guys who love high heels on a woman ... according to the same survey, 51 is when we need to swap out the stilettos for Naturalizers and stretchy slacks. If I have a body at 51 that I can rock, you can be assured that I will not turn into the Mall Matriarchs and start going to bridge club in my sensible shoes ... hell, no!

I see this kind of attitude as more indication that too much in our world is designed to strip away our confidence by forcing us into these pre-determined roles. Women struggle enough with self-image, we don't need surveys and more societal pressures pushing into our lives.
Andee     xoxo


H said...

could not agree more, to old for a miniskirt.... what's next to old to have sex, or after 50 blowjobs are out..... crazy

For the record you look so hot in this photo, you could get me to do just about anything for you... just ask :)

Anonymous said...

Flaunt it! At any age!


miles said...

I just returned to NYC after 10 days away and suddenly it is summer. And skirts are 4" shorter! Happily age does not seem to be much of a factor, though the over 40 crowd is a little more careful holding down their flippy skirts in the wind. Experience? Discretion? Who knows? But you may want to keep flippy skirts in mind on a windy day for the next round of flirting contest. Miles