May 11, 2011

Fitness | These Kegels Are Killing Me

I think I have been getting a bit too deep lately. I was going back and reading some of my blogs for the past couple weeks and went “Wow … next thing you know I’ll be smoking a pipe and quoting some European dude’s philosophical banter.”
I guess we all have those moments when the high horse comes in to the corral and needs to be ridden hard.

So there I was going “Geez Andee, what the hell?” when it occurred to me that some of this other, more girly, stuff was killing me. Now don’t run screaming guys, I’m not talking about “that.” But your mind is in the right region. I was thinking these damn kegel exercises are killing me.

For the uninitiated, kegels are when you flex your lower pelvic muscles, hold for a few seconds and release. Pregnant women are told to do them before and after childbirth to help prepare the vagina to shoot out a bowling ball and then recover some muscularity afterward. Women are also encouraged to do them as a way to enhance the sexual experience for their partners – because they help strengthen the pelvic muscles, which in turn will provide you with the most phenomenal feeling when you slip inside me.

A Fitness Plan
I have been trying to get into better shape lately – especially with the reality of a beach vacation looming in just a few weeks. Legs, shoulders and arms are easy to work … pussy muscles not so much. Of course, I wasn’t thinking of those when it initially came to my fitness plan. I didn’t have any real intention of strutting around the public beach with my pc muscles all oiled up and tanned. But then my husband commented on how much he was enjoying a certain act involving the manual stimulation of me while I was playing with my favourite toy. The squeezing of those muscles suddenly became a conscious thought again … and I knew I was onto something!

And while it seems the benefits of spending part of my day flexing my pussy will find its rewards in the bedroom, I wanted to point out to all you sexy guys that kegels can benefit men as well.

Kegels for men involve flexing the same pelvic muscles, kind of like squeezing to stop peeing about halfway through the job. And why on earth would you want to try these things … here’s a couple of Andee’s hot reasons why!

  1. Kegels give you stronger erections … you might have 24-inch pythons ripping out of those t-shirt sleeves, but there is not a woman out there who does not love a man with a really strong erection! Lift a barbell with your pipes, meh … lift the same with your rod, yowza!
  2. Kegels help you last longer … there are some moments when a quickie is acceptable – the office supply closet on Tuesday afternoon, coatroom at the Christmas party – but we all love a nice prolonged roll in the sack. I’m not talking hours here (can you say friction burn), but something on the Greenwich Mean Time side of “the best two minutes of my life.”
  3. Kegels help you last longer … when you have some time to yourself and want to surf my website, with over 24,000 different photos and steamy video clips. Maybe this one hasn’t been scientifically proven, but come on – the thought of you, looking me, doing that with it … kinda hot don’t you think?
  4. Kegels can help men achieve multiple orgasms … according to my trusty Wiki sources “strengthening the pelvic floor may allow some men to achieve a form of orgasm without allowing ejaculation, and thereby perhaps reach multiple ‘climaxes’ during sexual activity” … and I would LOVE a man to show me all that!
  5. Kegels help fight incontinence … and science is trying to help some out with a solution to incompetence.
  6. Kegels will get women talking about you in a good way. I’m happily married, so I’m not exceptionally active in looking for a new man in my life. But I can tell you that my single friends love to go on about a guy’s performance after a hook-up … and a guy who has a steel-hard erection, long-lasting and cums more than once in a night … makes me want to bring one home so hubby can hold the camera while I get my pelvic muscles flexed all night long!
I have no affiliation with these guys, but here’s someone else’s advice on how to achieve rock-hard pc muscles … so you can rock my world!

So at the end of the day, after I have spent the better part of my train ride home squeezing and releasing, a strong set of muscles down there for you and me can only mean a healthy romp when the lights go off at night.

Andee     xoxo

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