April 21, 2011

Sex | Risk, Reward and Adventure

Have you ever come to a fork and the road and wondered which way to go next?

These days my life is a bit like the ending of Castaway with Tom Hanks, where he finally delivers the package that kept him going all that time, and then as he drives away from the farm he reaches a crossroads …

For a few months now you have been (hopefully) reading about the state of my current sexual adventure. I’ve tried to touch on a variety of things so that it wouldn’t be too exceptionally boring for you. I’m also leaving the door wide open to all you guys to shape the next few months of my blog as well. If there is something you want to know, or just have a curiousity about, just ask.

But I have spent a bit too much time, maybe, analyzing where it leads next? And as I went through some of the thoughts swimming around in my head, I had to pause on the idea of when is something an adventure, and when is it just a risk?

I sometimes struggle in my mind when I hear friends or coworkers talking about how relatively common things today – chatting online, flirting … exploring the “lifestyle” – are risky behaviours. Those things may be seen that way – unless, of course, you include your spouse along the way. Being trapped in a stale, boring marriage is a bit more risky than adventurous …

Gossip in our modern society has reached epidemic proportions.

Adventure vs. Risk
For me, being adventurous and “risky behaviours” are two very different things, even though adventure comes with a number of associated risks.

Those risks are relatively understood from the outset, and don’t overshadow the excitement of the moment. In my own experience, things like my website and videos have a number of risks that I know could come back on me. The idea of someone I know that shouldn’t know about my naughty secret, such as my employer, is a risk.

Adventures are supposed to be something that result in an emotional high, a sense of accomplishment and a resulting reward of achievement. In a sexual way, I see adventure as doing things that stretch my imagination, challenge the fine line between my fantasies and reality, and take my mind and libido to even more orgasmic places.

It means creating the part of me you know as Andee, the flirtatious web model with a lust for sex toys, lingerie and sharing it through photos and videos. It’s the moments of having another man taste me and tease me with his hands. It’s feeling his erection rubbing oh-so-close-to-penetration as I sit on his lap and make-out in the hot tub. It’s the sensation of my first kiss with a woman, and how another woman can send me to nirvana with her tongue.

To reach the end of adventure means your have something to fondly look back on, a feat that touched your emotions, challenged your fears and boosted your ego. Then it pushes you to a new level, new highs and new experiences.

I know many adventures await me on the path ahead … but I just need to figure out how risk differs from that.

Andee     xoxo

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