April 12, 2011

Public Sex | My Personal Bucket List

I can see why springtime is considered mating season. I think my own libido must have some sort of connection with the arrival of warmer weather. Now that nicer days have arrived on my doorstep, I find myself feeling a bit more randy. Of course, that might also have something to do with me being, statistically, in my sexual prime.

I have a hot new update online for you guys today, so I hope you take a moment to slip on over to my website and watch me slip out of some sexy and sheer black lingerie.

Lately, I have been chatting with a girlfriend about how, with the arrival of warm weather, we can take our intimate fun outside some days. I’m amazed and somewhat disappointed at the same time how some couples neglect even the smallest opportunity to bring a little adventure into their lives. Geez, when we were teenagers we would do it just about anywhere we could … now we’re older, too many of us seem to have forgotten the thrill.

I fantasize about sex in public places quite a bit. I have a very active imagination, and when it gets cooped up, strange things begin to happen. The idea of sharing a moment of incredible passion and lust with the risk of being seen, or even caught. I would say this might be one of my biggest fantasies of late. The downside to all of it is finding a way to make it a reality. I find it extremely exciting to imagine being somewhere, and slipping away to a more private area, like the bathroom or something and really getting it on. It's kind of tied in with my whole idea of the clothed sex thing, and taking that to a braver level.

And, also it's part of my own little sex fantasies that pop into my head when I'm on the train in the morning, at work, at a party. Even back when I was at school it was one of those wonderful daydreams to pass away time in algebra class.

I remember this one time when I was in my last year of high school. I had a very serious boyfriend at the time, so I wasn't much of a fooling around type of girl. One day, in the last few weeks of school, right in the middle of class, one of my male friends asked me if I would consider going out to the parking lot with him and having sex in his car instead of going to our next class. These days I find the idea exceptionally exciting, but politely declined out of respect for the boyfriend I had at the time.

I’ve done the outdoor sex, which many people consider to be public sex. But getting it on in my backyard, when I know the risk of being caught is almost none, isn’t really part of that fantasy. It is a great way to liven up the sex life and get it out of the bedroom, but there is a bigger edge to be found out there.

As I have grown older, and had more experience in life, these fantasies have created a bit of a “bucket list” of public places I would think it would be amazing to have sex. Some of them might seem pretty cliché, but keep in mind, there is still a healthy dose of erotic romantic in me.

Eiffel Tower, Paris
For me this is the symbol of romance and adventure. The world wonder is a Mecca for couples in love. And having my man slowly lift my hem and slip into me atop this tower would be marvelous.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Getting it on Down Under … whether on a boat, or hiking up the fear factor in the water among the great whites.

Private box, Royal Albert Hall
No doubt many are screaming sacrilege over this one … and maybe not full-on sex, but I’d be game for some serious oral action here while others are enraptured by the show on the stage.

Hedonism, Jamaica
I mentioned it before … and maybe this is a closer to reality option than, say, giving a blow job at the Royal Albert. Exploring a bigger dimension to our sexual adventure, crossing from voyeur to participant in a new lifestyle.

The office
Another closer-to-reality thought … very film noir, the trench coat, stiletto heels, seamed black stockings and garter belt while my man takes me on his desk with his co-workers just outside the office door. I emerge from his office with the moisture of our passion between my legs, and they watch how my walk has changed

A glass elevator
With my hands pressed against it, looking down on the crowd as more than the elevator is going up!

Masquerade Ball
A tawdry return to Renaissance romance, the mystery of a mask, the passion of the dance … lift my crinoline in the corner shadows for a more intimate waltz. I even have the dress ready for the party!

The Tide Pools, Canary Islands
My From Here to Eternity moment, with the warm surf lapping at my naked flesh while I make love with a hot guy under the setting sun.

Playboy Mansionor in this pool high above the Vegas skyline while other sexy couples party around us.
The Mansion – invite-only, but anyone who does nude photography would dream of the chance to slip into the Grotto. If anyone knows Hugh personally, feel free to slip this MILF's phone number into his pajama pocket.

But since I currently have no invitation in hand, how about in the Playboy suite at the Palms in Las Vegas.

How many of these I will ever get to see move from fantasy to reality I can't say right now ... even something as simple as the Playboy suite comes with a $40,000 per night price tag! But more important than making the list come true is recognizing that it is perfectly normal to have sexual fantasies. They keep the spark alive in me, and who knows - I like to live by the "never say never" mantra.

How about you guys? Have you ever fantasized about having sex in public?

Andee     xoxo


@devon_bigfella said...

I too have a wish list of places to have sexy time at which included some of the following

The back of a limousine
The theatre or cinema
Laundry room of a Hotel
Penthouse Balcony of the Savoy over looking London

I am lucky enough to have carried out a couple on the list already which were

Swimming pool (my bosses at his villa)
The ocean in Mallorca (Spain)
My office desk and my bosses office desk where i used to work

I will continue to dream up new fantasies of places and scenarios as I always have but the newest fantasy at the moment is of having you!

Off for a bit of alone time ;-))

Innes said...

I definitely fantasize about sex in public but I am too nervous to try it! In my backyard or something ... that's not a big deal and I've done that before ... but public property ... sexyy!

Andee said...

@Devon ... I like those places, very sexy and erotic. My own list keeps growing, but sadly on the side of "Places I would like ..." instead of "Places I have ..."

Have to keep at it, I guess!

@Innes ... I think the nervousness adds a lot to the excitement of the moment. The thrill of "victory" definitely makes for a bigger "O"