April 12, 2011

Get Her To Pose For You | Tip #4

This is the last of my thoughts on this one ... if you want more, just ask, but I hope I have given you guys enough in mind to go on.

This one was a big learning subject for me too. When I do my photo sessions for you guys, I leave almost all of the technical stuff in the hands of my husband. It helps to keep his hands off me long enough to get an update shot.

Oh, and the promise of something delightfully orgasmic for me after we’ve done shooting photos is another helpful element … plus lunch at my favourite restaurant … and getting groceries with me.

No, this blog isn’t about bribery … actually it’s about shedding the light on the subject, literally.

Good lighting is a real key part of great photos; but what do you do when you don’t have a professional studio to work with? (If you do, call me …) Here’s a few things I dug up for you off the Internet. We’ve tried some of these, but we also have gotten to the point where we plug along with a variety of different approaches, depending on the setting.

If you’re not an avid photographer, the best advice I can offer is turn off the on-camera flash. This is the one that will almost always result in red-eye and pretty unflattering shadows. Once we really got rolling in the digital world, we bought a camera that had an external flash. This way my photographer is able to bounce the light off the ceiling, walls, etc. to create softer lighting. It also cuts out the red-eye completely.

One of the things we also have, but don’t use much anymore are some pretty inexpensive studio light bulbs. We’ve also used, and it worked great for lighting the backgrounds, those “work lights” that you can get from Home Depot. Another suggestion is to invest in some of those fairly new “daylight” light bulbs and get rid of the old 60W models that leave a bit more yellow into the photos.

But our biggest success has come from changing the time of day we actually do the naughty stuff. Flexible work schedules have allowed us to use more of the morning and afternoon daylight, with the off-camera flash as the fill-in.

I might look better well-lit, but you’re better off trying these websites for much better advice than that from little ol’ me.
Anyway, I sure hope you have some fun with your lady and digital camera. Remember, you don't need to do all the crazy shit I have done in the past 10 years just to spice up your relationship and capture the memories ... maybe I'll blog later on about how the camera has become a major part of my sex life.

Andee     xoxo

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