April 28, 2011

Naughty Thoughts From The Train

If you could be a fly on my bedroom wall some days I know you would fall to the floor in hysterics. Some of the crazy ideas that my twisted spouse seems to come up never cease to make me wonder.

I had mentioned to him a couple days ago about this woman I had seen, and how as someone who appreciates a sexy person, I was practically drooling. This woman had on a very short, yet totally office-friendly black miniskirt, funky high heels and had amazing legs.

OK, mostly I was toying with his libido by sharing, but then he challenged me again to use that thought to my advantage here. “Tell me what naughty thoughts go through your mind on one of those horny morning rides.”

So, being the good wife I am …

The Sexy Six
1. My Cute Guy
My Twitter followers know all about him. I think everyone has that person they see in the day to day life that makes them go hmmm. Right? Surely I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

2. The young guy in the suit with the really awesome ties
This might just win my official "cougar" badge, but my goodness he has style and I would love to grab him by that neckware and kiss him deeply … I wonder if he would let me bring one home? I could give it to my husband and secretly fantasize about my young commuter cub each time my hubby slipped it around his own neck.

3. There’s this cute girl who always wears miniskirts
I put this one in the “If I knew then what I know now” category. Each time I see this cute young thing I can’t help but feel those bisexual tendencies start to boil. I catch the guys looking at her all the time too, and I wonder if they noticed she was wearing that flirty little leopard print skirt today; and maybe like me, question if she knows that when she is standing on the platform as we pull into her stop that the light behind her sets my imagination on fire.

4. Rumour is the train has its own “mile high” society known as the “Corridor Club”
This is where my sense of adventure and risk really come together. I watch these people slip in and out of the washroom, some taking an exceptionally long time in there, and I wonder if they just had a big breakfast or are they horny like me? How exciting would it be to slip in there one day when I am wearing a skirt for some easy access, pull my panties down to my ankles and wait for you to slip into the washroom and into me. Would the motion of the train on the tracks be erotic enough, or would they prove to be frustrating as we try to find satisfaction before we pull into our final destination?

5. Is the washroom big enough
Reality is I have never ventured inside the train’s washroom … it scares me for doing the business side of life. But could we manage to position ourselves in such a way that we could go the distance? And some days I wonder if the people sitting closest to it would hear me if I slipped in there, took my somewhat realistic vibrating penis from my purse and made myself cum.

6. That blonde … uh huh
She is just too sexy for her own good; looking all hot and business-like every morning. Don’t think I didn’t notice the one time you got on in my train car with your hair a little less than it’s usual perfect style … and you made me think all the way to work if you were being naughty before the day started - and how you would taste on my lips.

Andee     xoxo


Nolens Volens said...

Maybe you should be dared to do things...

Andee said...

LOL ... I'm in all of this because of a dare way back when!!!

Thanks for the comment,