April 27, 2011

One Heel On The Highway

Have you ever been trying to explain something that caught your eye and have someone say that is an exceptional metaphor for your life?

I was telling my husband how I noticed this high heel shoe on the highway during my morning drive. No rhyme or reason as to why it was there, just this single high heel shoe on the paved shoulder. I started to wonder, “How does any self-respecting woman lose a high heel on the highway?”

Alright I admit, I have an active imagination … and all those naughty thoughts came to mind as well.

But my husband said it was a great analogy for me - one heel on the highway; meaning that my whole life is a bit like that, one foot in reality (the heel I didn’t see) and one heel on the path to wherever the road is going.

I kind of liked that idea.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how to improve my blogs, how to write better, how to create something that has some value for you, my reader. I told you I started this whole thing as a way to share my thoughts and fantasies and random naughty thoughts. Originally it was a bit of a “project” between my husband and I to keep the imagination spinning, and sharing. Since those early days, as more of you tagged along, it has become my way of inviting you to share that hour-long train ride with me each morning; and hoping that what you find in my thoughts is something intriguing and amusing.

For me, this is part of that “one heel on the highway.” It’s part of that stepping into a whole new environment of sexual openness and behaviour.

And it made me think, does the same apply to you? Not that you may be into wearing women’s shoes - unless you are a woman - but have you put one foot on the path to adventure? Has any of my sharing helped you uncover new experiences ­– or even prompted you to be to so bold as communicate a new thought with your partner?

Left Turns & Danger Ahead
It can be a big risk to take that first step, not knowing the direction it may lead you or what may be waiting at the end. You have no idea once you put that first heel on the highway whether or not the road will be straight, filled with curves, left turns or even short and uneventful. It may be filled with pot holes and debris … or it may be freshly paved and smooth.

How many of you have passed by that one shoe and wondered how it got there? Is it one of those “open your eyes and look around” moments that allow us to get inside our imaginations?

And just like my husband’s metaphor – how many of you have put both heels on the path to adventure?

If you remember back a couple entries, you’ll make the connection with the idea of risk. Adventure requires some risk-taking, and for the part, a big dose of bravery. But it is also what opens the door to fantasies and experiences.

Step On The Highway
1. Adventure requires taking educated and calculated risks – meaning you have an idea as to what the outcome should be. Sometimes, especially when considering sexual adventures, you need to keep in mind that the fantasy outweighs the reality.

2. Adventure requires an open mind. Are you one of those people who embraces new ideas, rolls with the punches or goes with the flow (just to use as many clich├ęs as I can)? Or are you the type that needs to be in control at all times? When you put that one heel on the highway, you will need to be ready to accept what comes your way. Sometimes it is disappointment, but most times the surprise is worth every fret and bead of sweat if you can let yourself go for the experience.

3. Accept the challenge. I know my limits, but I also know when the time comes to push them further and further. I’m not talking forgoing personal safety or the sanctity of my vows, but I am telling you that to really set out on an adventure in life, you must let go of a lot of what holds you back. Not long ago I marveled at how my oldest son could get up in front of a gymnasium of people and play his guitar and sing an original song – all at the tender age of 11. His guitar teacher simply said “Children don’t have the fear of what other people will think, they just go and try.” Wow … is that ever a lesson in reality. Are you ready to accept the challenge and not let others hold you back?

Maybe that high heel shoe on the highway isn’t as deep as I‘m making it out to be; maybe it is the result of frustration, misplacement or drunken nonsense. Maybe it is the result of something erotic like my imagination would like to believe. A big part of me hopes that shoe is not like one of those fabulous Louboutins as seen in my photo for this entry – that would be beyond sinful.

Nonetheless, that one high heel on the highway has given me a new way to describe my own adventure right now.

Andee     xoxo

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