April 8, 2011

Footwear | Get On Your Boots

Oh how I like Fridays … today is a bit of a special one, both good and bad. Today is my youngest son’s birthday (good); he is turning 11 (bad). As a parent, you want to keep them “little” and not have them grow up too fast - as they seem to these days. It also reminds me that as his birthdays pass, so do mine.

If you caught my photo update today on my Flirting Contest page you will have seen that today is mini-dress and boots day for me. The start of the contest did not go down as my husband had hoped, but he was working against some circumstances that frustrate him - work-appropriate attire for me shifts each week as the daily tasks rotate through the staff. I’m sure he has visions of me being able to tart it up every day, but that’s not realistic. And temperature. It’s still bloody cold up here these days and I‘m not slipping on some flimsy blouse, a skirt that doubles as a tea-cozy and a pair of stilettos last used to aerate the lawn.

Today, his competitive nature in all of this has seen me in a little more “flirt-worthy” outfit. I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed yesterday, but more because of all the effort he is going to just to prove that short hair can be sexy. I think I have reached a point with my Office Guys to where they are no longer shocked into flirtatious flattery, so getting a compliment from a group of guys who have discussed the finer art of panty selection with me is a big challenge (sorry sweetie, but it’s true). Tonight, though, I think will produce different results as I have to go straight from work to the hockey arena for one of my Little Men. My hubby has his money riding on horny hockey dads to even the score for the week. I’m counting on my boots and the flash of leg between them and the hem.

Anyway …

I have an online friend that I chat with on a regular basis who is an absolute boot fanatic. Whenever I see him on Yahoo Messenger I know we will eventually chat about boots. Over the few years we have been chatting, he has given me some great ideas for updates to keep you boot lovers getting your fix. One of the last times he suggested I blog about why I think men are obsessed with the look, and how that relates to me.

My end of why I like boots is pretty easy: I think they are sexy because they add a bold and confident look to a woman, and I love the utter hormonal overdrive they put my husband in when I wear them. Most of the time when I want to wear heels, my boots are much more comfortable that those sexy little strappy stilettos.

I had pretty much forgotten about when I first learned of my husband’s boot fetish until I began thinking of how I could write about it. Back before we were married I had borrowed a girlfriend’s pair of boots to go with this new outfit I had. Well, the outfit was a big hit … I wonder if my friend knows I had her boots pointing to the ceiling that night ;-)

Kinky and fun … I think that was the real beginning of me seeing how sexy footwear can turn up the heat.

As for why you guys find boots so fascinating; that is a tough one for me. So, I asked around a bit to see what it is that some of the men I know that aren’t my husband think about a pair of sexy boots.

The frequent, but ambiguous, response was “they look sexy” and “I’m a leg man, I love women in heels and skirts.” That didn’t really help me get to the nitty-gritty on the subject though.

One of the older guys I work with had a great answer, and this is where it really began to pick up for me. He explained that he spent his teenage years in the 1960s, when go-go boots were the rage. For him seeing more women wearing knee-high boots today takes him back to his youth, and the fond memories of miniskirts and dance clubs. He said it was back in a time when women used to pay a lot more attention to being stylish. These days everything is so “casual.” Personally I’m starting to see us edge away from that “every day is casual day” but I certainly knew what my co-worker was getting at.

Then a couple of my Office Guys chimed in on it … and they owe me lunch for wearing my boots today … boots on an attractive woman send men a message of sexual mystery and possible “wild child” habits. Depending on the style, they can convey a sense of daring and eroticism or a hint of dominance and power. Interesting. Either they read my blog and know too much about me, or subconsciously I have fallen into their perspective.

Boots, they say, make us walk different … well, all heels do. But the guys say they love to watch how we “strut” when we’ve got some power heels on versus the days when Reebok is our fashion statement. Which is pretty relevant too, because another point that came up was how we dress all together when we select a pair of boots. It usually means we are putting some serious thought into our appearance that day, wanting to look attractive, powerful, confident and mysterious all at once.

The homerun look, they say, has to be done properly. These days a number of women are wearing boots with tights and long sweaters; almost dress-style. The guys say that if she has the shapely legs and killer ass, the look rocks. I agree … which is why I have added more squats and hamstring curls to my workouts. I want my 18-year-old boobs back and my varsity butt and hard-steel calfs.

The clincher, however, is they want to see a woman with sexy knee-high boots, with a heel, wearing a skirt that reveals about six to 10 inches of flesh. That sends their perverted minds back to the “wild child” or, as one of them suggested (or requested … still trying to figure it out) the “let’s hit the supply closet and let me hike that hem from behind.”

Hmm … subtle. Trust me, there are a few of us on this side of the skirt that would also like six to 10 inches of flesh in the supply closet.

Over time, my own fascination and interest in boots has grown to the point where I have probably close to 20 pairs scattered around my personal den of iniquity. Some see the light of day, while others only ever point skyward. (Well, not entirely … almost all of them end up on my website.)

And if you really did check out my Flirting Contest photo today … yes, I am not wearing panties.

And John … black trouser socks, or the boots will never come off.

Andee     xoxo

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