April 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen | He Got This One Right

So, as I relax here with my morning coffee, dressed ever so provocatively for my dear readers in my fleece bathrobe and Spongebob Squarepants jammie bottoms, I am waiting with anticipation an afternoon spent kicking some 11-year-old butt at the bowling alley. As I mentioned yesterday, my youngest Little Man has moved one year closer to not being so “little” anymore, and today we are going bowling … exciting times.

I hate that they grow up …

And speaking of not growing up … Charlie Sheen has been dominating the headlines a lot this spring, and as much as I think he has fallen so far from grace he will never get it back, there is one thing in his descent into insanity that stuck with me.

“Make no apologies to those who don’t get it,” he says.

And while I’ve joined many others in the ranks of thinking he has turned just a bit too creepy for my liking, I do relate to what he is saying here.

In my own interpretation of his statement to the media after he slammed his co-workers and television producers (but then, who knows what he is really getting at), I see this as a way to say “live your own life, take your own path to your own adventure and never mind the people who are quick to judge or want to hold you back.”

No matter what our dreams may be, there is always at least one cynic in the crowd; the person who says “it can’t be done … you are wrong to try.” Whether it is inventing the telephone, a cure for disease or pairing orange with pink, thankfully a greater number of us have the drive to prove the single doubting Thomas wrong as opposed to ignoring those in our lives who say “Go for it.” OK, maybe not the orange and pink, but you know what I mean …

As I get older, I realize that a lot of personal energy can be spent trying to win the approval of people that really don’t hold a place of importance in my life; and likely would never award you with their approval anyway. That would remove their sense of power they believe they hold over you and put them at a disadvantage. We spin in circles, thinking that the opinion these people have matters on a larger scale … forgetting that it takes more courage to carve our path in life as individuals.

Sure, I might put in that extra effort at my work to earn approval from my supervisor – but that is an economic reality of employment today, not a validation of the person I really am. What I no longer do is seek that rubber stamp of approval from those that surround me: “friends” and family members that prefer to tear others down to make themselves look better. Those who stand on a soap box of morality to hide their big green streak of jealousy. I don’t need them to agree with my choices – particularly when it comes to my exploits on the Internet and in my bedroom.

I think we all like to have the support of those we love, but I’ve gotten better at surrounding myself with those who already have that quality … either that or they just cover it up really well and dish out incredible gossip about the things I tell them! Of course, it doesn’t mean that I spill everything about what goes on … I’m afraid our world isn’t ready to be completely open-minded when it comes to sexual experimentation.

And secrets also give my husband and I some great moments to smirk about when someone innocently throws out an innuendo in conversation. Of course, it was him that started all of this ...

Sometimes secrets can be fun.

I’ve blogged about “regrets” but I see what Charlie is saying more from the angle of “life is too short for hang-ups” … a motto I have lived by since my first crazy venture 10 years ago into what the small-minded in my life see as sexual perversion and deviance. It seems to me that making an apology would be a wasted breath.

Andee     xoxo


Mike V said...

So you're winning? lol

Snake said...

So well said Andee . . . Ciao!

Paul E Wog said...

I think its great you're finding your own adventure. It doesn't hurt you keep posting sexy pics too! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

you have an awesome attitude