March 18, 2011

Hedonism | Is It Just A Fantasy

Good lord … I had some ignorant cow of a woman sitting in front of me on the train yesterday smacking away on her gum like it was cud - and for those who have no idea about how cattle eat, visit a farm or join me on the commute.

If there is one thing that drives me insane, it’s the absolute ignorance of some people in public - from smacking on chewing gum to spitting on the sidewalk.


Anyway … time to move on to better subjects. This is post 100! Woohoo ... time to celebrate with another cafe mocha and bagel.

I know I will probably hear it afterwards, but lately my hubby has been dropping hints about getting away to an island vacation … without the kids … to one of ‘those resorts.’ OK, not so shocking in my life, really. But I’ll reluctantly admit that it has brought up some curiosities. Not ever having been, and having a bit of the mystery dispelled from the fantasy of a swinging lifestyle by going to clubs and events, I’m left wondering if the hype is all that, or are these kind of resorts filled with people who think the reality can live up to the fantasies they have created?

And no one I know has admitted they have been, so I can’t even ask …

In my own experience, the reality is so different. Fantasies don’t include those awkward moments, the not so glamorous moments that arise … the drunken laughter and less than perfect timing. Even to say that when you spend half a lifetime kissing the same person, in the same manner, it can take a couple tries to figure out someone new’s own style. That’s not to say the realities have not been fun; it’s just highlighting that when you try to make something happen, the effort is what can get in the way.

Secretly - but I guess not so much anymore - I’m more than game for a naughty little jaunt to Hedonism. I think it would a very exciting adventure if you go without any expectations and objectives (other than a tan). As I mull it over in my own mind I even wonder if I could let go of my own inhibitions long enough to enjoy the full Hedonism experience. And then there is the question of "what is the full hedonism experience?" Is it a week of unabated, guiltless frolicking in a constant orgy? I just can’t see it being so … in a realistic sense.

Even when I look on their website, I can’t grasp that the Playboy type model emerging from the pool would be there the week we book.

So, I left the idea to fill his mind with something: I said it would make a great 40th birthday gift. Typical husband - he suggested 39th. I think I heard him rolling the spare change from the kids’ piggy bank.

Andee     xoxo


H said...

I have never been to one either and also wondered how the fantasy translates into reality.

I would be scared the participants that visit the resort look like the folks from SNL's skit "Lowered Expectations" not hot like you.

Actually I really want you to go, then you can be my test subject and let me know how it really is.

Andee said...

If I ever get to one, I'll definitely let you know how it is. I'm growing more and more curious, though.