March 28, 2011

Double Fantasy | She's Getting It Good

Where I work, we often have a good chuckle at lunch about the “advice column” in one of the local newspapers. Most of the time, something cheap and tawdry is going on with someone and someone else is writing in begging for insight.

Today we had a really good giggle over one written by a husband. His wife had recently developed a close friendly relationship with a gay man, who had been previously married to a woman and had children with her. The wife’s friendship had intensified after the pair of them started going to the gym. They have a habit of going for very long lunches together (four hours), and she will not shed any light on the subject for her husband.

The part that got us talking was that the husband believes there is no sex going on between his wife and this gay friend.

I’m still laughing.

The reality here is that this new “friend” was “formerly heterosexual.” He admitted to the wife that sex with women wasn’t “any better” than what he is having now … which means it might not have been “any worse.” He now has male friends that he enjoys. Um … can anyone see how this plays into the wife’s fantasy? A new male friend that knows what sex with a woman is like, that can bring a male friend along for “lunch.” The perfect sexual storm – no commitments, no fear of emotional baggage and the perfect “beard” in someone she can defend with “Oh, come on dear, he’s gay!”

Surely the husband can’t be that naïve to miss how his wife is living her “double fantasy” with this situation?

The advice columnist’s answer was equally laughable: the husband needs to ask the wife in a non-confrontational or accusatory manner what this new relationship provides her that their marriage does not.

Hello! She’s getting twice the biscuit!

She’s got this double life going – a “stable, socially acceptable” marriage and life in the suburbs, while downtown she’s getting it everywhere she wants it – and a cardio workout to boot!

Now then, for me personally, the idea of two men is a delicious fantasy that I hope to someday make a reality. BUT I’m not a woman who wants that fantasy to include watching the two guys together. Call me narrow-minded when it comes to the concept of male bisexuality, but I am totally with you guys on the reality that a double standard exists: girl-girl is acceptable, enjoyable and I have more than participated in it; guy-guy remains somewhat awkward in my mind. I don’t know why, even though I have gay male friends (not like this woman though). If I get the chance to fulfill my own fantasy, the pleasure must be all mine … I’m greedy that way.

I’m thinking this woman has shrewdly managed to have her cupcakes and lick all the extra icing too … and now I’m thinking I’m jealous. What do you guys think?
Andee     xoxo


Anonymous said...

I think the husband must really be out to lunch - yeah pun intended - because you've nailed it on the head here. The wife is getting her afternoon nookie with no strings attached.

Mike said...

If you need volunteers to help you fulfill your fantasy ...

Paul E Wog said...

I'm pretty sure I read this same story or something a bit like it. I also think this guys wife is pulling one over on him. If she wasn't, why the secrets? Maybe he never got her hints or maybe this is one of those cases where she has discovered a new person after going to the gym and likes the attention her new male friend gives her. And he probably gives her at every private lunch.